Thursday, February 26, 2015

WIOSNA 2015 Doily-Round 5

Easy, I thought.  Quicker, I thought.  Ha!  Silly me.

This round of little flowers was easy (see the pattern here), but it still took me a total of 4 hours and 10 minutes.  All those ends to weave in!  It sure adds a sweet touch to the overall look, but it's a pain to get rid of all those threads.  I'm pretty sure it took me as long to weave in the ends as it did to tat the flowers!  I hope they are consistent enough in size to add the next round easily.

In any case, it was a perfect place to add the pink.  I'm looking forward to getting on with the next round - it's just getting prettier and prettier!  


  1. Agreed! Very pretty. Those flowers in pink really add a nice touch. Yes, weaving in ends takes forever! But can be well worth it. Looking forward to watching what comes next.

  2. It is pretty! The result makes the time spent worth while.

  3. I do love that touch of pink! I haven't calculated the hours, although the kids at school have been asking me. They've decided that so far my doily is worth $50. ;-) Gotta love kids!

    1. I probably shouldn't be calculating the hours, but now that I've started I can't stop. Those kids are great, though they don't pay much per hour, do they? :)

  4. I do so hate separate motifs, but it is a necessary evil and the pink is very nice touch looking good so far. :)

  5. I agree, thread ends are a nuisance. But the results are worth the sewing in, your doily is looking wonderful!

  6. Beautiful, just beautiful Cindy!

  7. Very beautiful work. Happy tatting!


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