Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Snowflakes and Wool #2

I lost this darned post!  I think I started it on my iPad, and finished it on my laptop.  I didn't save it on the iPad, and when I went back POOF.  Just the photos remained.  I have a love/hate relationship with technology sometimes.  We'll see, now I'll probably end up with two posts.

In summary - this snowflake is from somewhere on the Internet - I'd love to give credit if anyone knows where I got this?

This is my first attempt at Frivole's Snowdrop.  This is a GREAT pattern, but my tatting is needing some better concentration to avoid small mistakes.  

So much for keeping this one for Christmas - gifted already to a retiring coworker with a large Christmas tree.  I think of her when I see or make ornaments, so it was fitting! 

And I can't duplicate the story of this coat :(  BUT, this beautiful red wool liner was given to me to use the wool.  I took it apart and washed it to felt the wool.

I made this bag (surprised?) I followed the pattern, but found that he straps are too long for my taste.  The loop button closure is a bit too thick, so I'm not sure if it will be good to use, or fumbly. I saved the tag from the coat and put it in the pocket to add some decoration. A great bag for someone I think, I just don't need another.  SO, I offered it back to my aunt, who gave me the wool.

As it turns out, the bag will go back to my aunts friend - the woman who gave up the wool in the first place.  I can't wait to hear how she likes it.  It was her mother's coat!

And now, I have more beautiful red wool to use somehow.  The color just screams Christmas!

P.S.  And how weird is it that comments from the lost post remained?  It's not even Monday.


  1. What a great story = Adventures of the Travelling Coat!

  2. I like Fox's idea! ;-)

    I recognize the first snowflake, but I don't remember where it's from. I had the same experience with Snowdrop... lovely pattern, but my tatting needs great improvement!

    What a wonderful way to repurpose that beautiful red fabric!

  3. Fun post, and I love the snowflakes too!

  4. I'd like to be "not too productive" like you? Wow! I love the bag, so pretty and with a story, even better. I love the top snowfake too but I've never made it. One pass? And your snowdrop is quite wonderful!

  5. What great way to recycle a coat! I don't know who designed the snowflake but it's pretty.

  6. You are so very creative ! Beauty all round :-)

  7. The snowflake might be one by Jan Stawasz. On his website there is category called Christmas Tree Trimmings. It is Photo #6 on that gallery.

    Great idea to repurpose the coat! Many items can be made from the fabric!

  8. The first snowflake is Jan Stawasz. I just finished making it from his book.

  9. Aha! Another Jan Stawasz pattern. I knew I loved it for some reason.
    Thank you :)

  10. Great snowflakes and bag!!! :)


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