Tuesday, December 8, 2015

IT has begun!

I can't believe we're 8 days into December already!  We have had above average temps and NO snow to speak of here in Minnesota.  A crazy, warm, wonderful fall and a very mild beginning to winter is making Christmas sneak up on me. (As good an excuse as any, no?)

I stitched Jon Yusoff's 'Minaret' snowflake to a star of that beautiful red wool I had, and then stitched the 2 stars together to make it stable enough to use as an ornament.  This was a first try at the blanket stitch, so that stitching isn't pretty!  I used invisible thread to stitch the snowflake to the wool - which was a feat in itself as well. Kind of a tangly mess, and I got it stitched down a bit crooked.  Oh well - it looks nice on the tree!  I decided I probably won't do a star shape again, but maybe a round ball ornament - it's difficult to center anything on a star, much less stitch around the edge nicely.  Plus, I think there's too much 'extra' fabric with the star shape - and that takes away from the tatted snowflake.  Why do I always experiment at the last minute?  Ha!

I've got my decorating done at work - just thought I'd share where I spend my days.  Now to get the decorating done at home.  And some baking.  And some lefse-making.  And get the cards mailed.  And did I mention my daughter and fiancé are closing on their first home this Friday?  We'll squeeze helping with that in, too.  I don't know if I can handle much more ;) Ha!  So exciting to see things falling into place for my kiddos.

Enjoy the season!  Enjoy your families and friends, and sing loudly.  I'm gonna!


  1. I love it, and know what you mean about felt or wool it seems to mold as you sew and I can see where this was harder than it looks. You did great job!

  2. You're much too critical! This star is very eye-catching and appealing!

  3. I like the snowflake on the star! The more I read about invisible thread, the less interested I am in trying it. Give me cotton any day! ;-)

  4. Your ornament is very well done. I like how the snowflake stands out on the red of the star. Very vibrant.


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