Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Found it!

Whew - I didn't throw it away by accident! It's a relief, for sure, as I have about 60 hours into this doily.  I was so worried!  It was in a strange, unexpected place, but safe and sound.  And crumply.  But that's OK!

It's my sign to FINISH it.  I will continue to keep track of the time it takes to make this beauty, but I don't think I will ever do that again. I think that may be why I stopped working on it - the stress of thinking about the time I was investing in it took away the joy of tatting it.  

A new goal!  Finish this doily (finally) by the end of July.  Maybe by county fair time?  It doesn't matter when.  I'm just so relieved to have found it!


  1. I know what you mean, that's why I like to tat along with Renulek's doilies or do them together with other people on line it lets you break it up into segments. I really like placing a safety pin in to where I want to be at end of the day that helps me too.

  2. Where was it? I think this has Steve Fair written all over it!

  3. Oh good, that's a relief, you wouldn't want to lose it! Mmm, yes, it can be interesting to know how much time you spent on a project, but not something to stress about!!

  4. I'm glad you found it! I don't like keeping track of time for my tatting, although I am often asked. I tat for enjoyment, and keeping track of time takes away from that enjoyment.

  5. So glad you found your doily!!! :)
    I have been asked many times how long it took to tat something and I tell them I just don't know because daily distractions make it hard to time something like a doily for sure, but even small things like a cross or bookmark sometimes.
    Your doily looks wonderful!! :)

  6. Love your doily and I'm so happy you located it. I SO hate misplacing something because it gets frustrating when it's not where I think it should be. I think state fair too!


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