Sunday, April 9, 2017

More Ice Drops and Some Zen

I finally branched out to another variation of the ice drop - I don't remember if this pattern has a name or not, but I like it!  I'm not sure what I'll try next - but I feel like I need to do several of a pattern before I move on.  OCD?  Ha ha.  

And it's been really nice outside here the past few days, so anything to get outside for a minute.  Even to get a photo - the yard isn't very nice looking yet, but it will do for a background - just to breathe in some fresh air :)

It's fun planning our summer tatting retreat - it's not until July, but I know it will come up fast.  We really don't want to plan a detailed retreat, but it helps to have some kind of outline.  I'm SO looking forward to it!


I've been back to a little tangling this week too - and playing with some colored backgrounds.  It's been a few weeks since I played with Zentangle, so I feel like I've "lost" a little that I had learned about lines and shading. Like anything else, you have to keep practicing to keep growing.

I like the black ink over a colored background - and making the background is almost as much fun as the drawing :)


  1. I love the zen tangle on that background!

  2. I love your Ice Drops. That looks the variation of one of Patti Duff's Minitats. I was subbing for the art teacher last week, and the middle school students are learning about zentangle. When it's broken down into steps, it doesn't seem so overwhelming!

    1. I hope the kids like Zentangle - it makes everyone feel like an artist!

  3. Awesome looking Ice Drops!!! :) Fabulous colors choices too!! :)


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