Sunday, March 11, 2018

Spring Doily - Round 7

I loved tatting this 7th round - little butterflies!  But the rounds are beginning to take longer, and I’m pretty sure this is where I’m going to start getting behind the posted weeks.  Not that it matters, but it would be nice to keep up.
Renulek's Spring Doily 2018 - Round 7 of 13
The doily is now about 7-3/4” in diameter using size 30 thread.  I had intended to add some ivory rounds, but the thread I have is too yellow, and didn’t blend nicely. I think the white I have is TOO white, so I’m back to the ecru, hoping to get one more round out of the HDT.  Ideally I would use the HDT for the final round, but my luck, I’d run out an inch from the end. Ha! Not gonna take that chance.

In my CAVE / STUDIO / SKUNKWORKS, I’ve been rearranging fabric and supplies.  It’s hard to work in there when it gets so out of control, and with my collage project, it got out of control!  So this weekend has been a little less tatting and sewing, and a lot more organizing and cleaning than I'd planned.

I showed my hubby something I’ve been wanting to do - make a wider ironing board top that is used by many quilters.  After assessing my room and supplies, I decided it would be better to have an ironing board on top of a little cupboard I had in the closet rather than one to fit on top of the ironing board.  This frees up the closet for more organizing (with yet another project for hubby - shelves!)  This might free up my ironing board for ironing clothes once in awhile also. Possibly.

During my web surfing research, someone had noted to cover the board with tin foil to protect it from the steam from the iron so the board doesn’t warp.  Made sense to me - I use a lot of steam. So cover it with tin foil I did!

I just happened to have a large enough piece of fabric (imagine that) and a couple of pieces of batting to make a cover.  I just sewed up three sides, turned it right side out, stitched the end closed (just like a bag - ha ha!) and finished with a double row of stitching all the way around to get the edges good and flat. I thought that make it easier to attach to the board underneath.

Voila!  A nice, large surface to press fabric on, and more room in the closet to organize! I will not be photographing the closet any time soon . . .

I’ve seen these tops for ironing boards sell for about $130 - this cost me about $14. Wooooo!

Cheapy McCheaperMom strikes again!


  1. Love this ironing board fun💟 and your doily if fabulous, I know what you mean about rounds taking longer. I try to count how many sets there are and how many days I have, and place a paperclip in where I have so many to do in a day, to kind of race my self, hopefully that made sense 🤔💟💜

    1. I DO know what you mean - I compete with myself all the time!

  2. Splendid ironing board, using tin foil is a good tip. I enjoyed the butterflies too.

  3. There are many reasons we get along, here's just another! $14 and it looks wonderful! Plus that doily is pretty nice.

  4. I wish I had seen the tip about the aluminum foil before I made mine. It makes sense! I do like having a larger pressing space.

    1. The tin foil makes sense - but who knows? It may be years before any warping would occur.

  5. Oh, I almost forgot... I love the way your doily looks!


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