Sunday, March 18, 2018

Spring Doily Round 8!

Well, this round gave me a little trouble with cupping, just like it did a for a couple of other tatters.  I continued and finished the round, and then steamed it into submission.  I hope that wasn’t a mistake, but I will be aware while I work the next round and adjust if I need to.

I think I tend to tat tighter as I become more confident with the repeats - oops.  Tension is one of the things I find difficult to keep very consistent, which I think is crucial with some patterns.  In any case, I’m loving tatting this doily, and I’m so pleased with how it’s turning out!

Our Twin Cities Tatters group met yesterday - it’s so fun to see how the group has grown!  Boy, Michelle and her daughter and I WERE the group for a few years - and now we’ve grown to include many other wonderful tatters.  There were about 14 of us yesterday I think - the buzz in the room was great to hear, abundant with ideas and inspiration!  There are other types of lace-makers that join us, but we do try to keep our focus on tatting - the reason we started the group in the first place.  I don’t need another hobby - ha ha!

Our Minnesota weather has us in the mid to upper 40s F, so our snow is melting (YAY!) and certain birds are returning.  And Ruby is enjoying spending extra time outside in the sunshine when it’s irresistible outside - her Boxer alopecia needs that sun!  She gets bare spots every year from the lack of sunshine - this year it’s become a heart shape:

Hopefully we are DONE with snow now, and have plenty of sunshine coming our way!


  1. Well your round submitted just fine 💟I steamed mine too. Maybe your doggy needs a tanning bed in tgecwinter months😄

  2. It looks like steam worked well for you! My rings were just too stretched out to continue. Our snow has melted, but we didn't have nearly as much as you did. Winters have been very tame around here for an awfully long time!

  3. Well done on finishing the round, mine is on hold while I finish something else. Great that your group is expanding, hooray.

  4. Wow, that doily is gorgeous. One day I'll take on a project like that -- in the meantime I'm looking at smaller doilies. Perhaps they could go under a lamp.

    It was fun Saturday! We'll do it again!



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