Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Winter Wouldn't Die and Now We're in for a Heatwave!

Wow - I see I haven't documented my creative life since April 8th, but I've done a lot!

The blizzard of the April 14th weekend was the weekend I had extensive training with the snowblower.  While hubby was off plowing for the city he works for, I was cleaning out the driveway so he could get back in the garage.  Several. Times.  That blizzard gave us about 18" of snow - record-setting that isn't particularly appreciated in April when we are all so anxious for Spring to arrive!

There was NO snow prior to this weekend blizzard :(

Since then we've had some nice days - in the 70's (F) and then back into the 60's, and we will go from a high of 80 today to 90 by the weekend.  And humid.  Needless to say, we keep sweatshirts and flip-flops handy around here with these temperature swings!  The A/C is back on today.

A few other things I’ve done this past couple of months:

Prepared a raffle basket for an accounting conference I attended - thought this was a cute idea:

Quilted and got the binding on my Seahorse collage “Garnet” . . .

Donated 10 couch caddies to a local Assisted Living facility . . .

Made some choices for a bathroom remodel . . .

Watched the Kentucky Derby - and am ready to watch the Belmont Stakes to see if we will have a Triple Crown winner this year . . .

Watched the Royal Wedding . . .

And we’ve started the construction season at work - a busy time for us all since winter dragged on forever and now everything is behind!  It’s gonna be a busy summer.


  1. Well that is a great run of many interesting things to keep you busy wow!

  2. You have been busy! I hope the weather is more settled now and is done with blizzards.

  3. That raffle basket is hilarious!😂

  4. I'm shuddering at the memory of mid-April's pictures. That Saturday was the day we were to retrieve the camper from storage at the State Fairgrounds.



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