Monday, May 28, 2018

Renulek’s Spring Doily 2018 - Round 11

Finally!  Sheesh, I thought I’d never get this round done.

Round 11 of 13

It’s such a beautiful doily though - even though it’s taking me awhile, I’m anxious to get it finished. These final rounds will take some time!

I’m using some old thread, which is really nice most of the time, but once in awhile I hit a spot that doesn’t cooperate very well.  Not sure if it’s really the thread, or if it’s my impatience!  I’m blaming the thread.

The heatwave I mentioned has truly arrived.  This past few days has been incredibly hot - especially today!  We’ve officially reached 100 degrees F, but my thermometer says we’ve hit 102.  Ish.  Got some yard work done before 9 am and have pretty much been inside all afternoon! Laundry is better than yardwork when it’s so hot.

Ruby gets special treats when it’s this hot too! Such a spoiled girl.


  1. I keep forgetting where do you live?
    You doily is beautiful,worth the wait🍃🌹🍃

    1. Minnesota! We have such a wide range of weather here - no wonder it's all we talk about :)

  2. Keep going, it looks great. Keep cool!

  3. I tried sitting outside yesterday while grading. That lasted about 10 minutes... your doily is spectacular!

  4. This heat is unbelievable! Didn't it snow just a few weeks ago? Tatting has taken a back seat with the grandchildren here, but we're starting to settle in to a routine, so there's hope that I will catch up to you on Renulek's doily!

  5. Your doily is lovely. You are very patient. I quit after the row after the butterfly row. It fits nicely on a small table that my friend owns.

  6. Your doily is stunning and elegant!!! :)

  7. My car thermometer said 103 but what's a degree either side when it's this uncomfortable? Ugh. And now it's pouring rain. At least it's not snowing!


  8. Lovely tatting! This round has a 'Wow' factor and could also be the finishing round. I'm amazed you have got this far, with your busy schedule.

    As much as I dislike winter, I don't like heat and humidity, either, and certainly not this soon! Back in July 1988 we had three days over 100, and I was praying for snow! We didn't have A/C in the house then, but made sure we put it in the next year, and grateful for it. We fortunately don't have temps over 100 very often. It's refreshingly 'cool' today in the low 70s! Perfect!

  9. Somehow I missed all these comments - ?? Thanks so much!


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