Tuesday, June 19, 2018

June in Minnesota

June is such a beautiful month here - normally we have some stormy weather, but for the most part we have nice temperatures and beautiful sunshine.  We're having an extreme year so far - we just got through another weekend of hot (90's F) along with some ridiculous humidity.  My hair always reacts to humidity with wild frizziness, while some people just have hair that goes flat.

I posted this HAIR forecast on my office door at work:


We've also had some nice days in the 70's (more to my liking) and have gotten in some nice walks around the neighborhood with Ms. Ruby.  She has been having some arthritis issues, so we don't go too far.  A few things are blooming, and with recent rain the grass needs mowing often.  (The weeds are especially healthy as well.)  Gotta love Minnesota weather!

Just an interesting weed :)

I've taken a little break from tatting and sewing the past few weeks, and devoured a few books.  I'm really enjoying audiobooks here and there, because I can tat and listen, or go for a walk and listen.  Makes me feel productive to DO something while enjoying a book!  Other times, I love to curl up in a chair and escape the world with an old-fashioned hard copy.  Either way, I get through about 3 books in a row, and then go back to tatting or sewing or whatever else.  (Most likely not housework - ha ha!) 

These recent reads were ALL fantastic:

  • The Great Alone, by Kristin Hannah
  • The Orphan Train, by Christina Baker Kline
  • The Lilac Girls, by Martha Hall Kelly

This one was a bit dark and weird, but twists in the writing kept my interest:
  • The Light of the Fireflies, by Paul Pen

I wish I could get a job as an audiobook narrator!  I think I'd enjoy that job :)


  1. I've heard of The Orphan Train and The Lilac Girls, but not the other two. I wish I liked audio books. It's been a long time since I've listened to one, so maybe I should give it a try again. The last time I tried, I fell asleep listening!

    1. I didn't like listening at first, but once I got about halfway through the first one I was hooked. I like books either way!

  2. I want to try listening, I enjoyed years ago a radio station that did an old time radio story, it was great fun and looked forward to the next one.

    1. It took me awhile, but now that I have my phone and a bluetooth speaker, I love that I can listen anywhere and while I'm actually doing something else!

  3. Cindy,

    Not a paying job but the MN Literacy Council and the State Services for the Blind have opportunities for people to read aloud for those who cannot read for whatever reason (i.e., dyslexic, blind, non-English speakers ...).

    Missed you yesterday. It was quiet yet productive ;-)


    1. Oh, good to know! I have volunteered with the Literacy Council before, but not reading aloud. Thanks for the info - something to consider!

      Good some tatters showed up yesterday! I missed my tatting time.


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