Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Look at this beautiful little bluebird I received from my Secret Santa:

Adorable, no?  And so perfectly tatted.  My gift included the pattern by Kaye Judt - my Santa.  I’m anxious to set aside some time to try this little cutie!  The Secret Santa fun was organized by Lisa at  the Tatting Corner - such fun!  

My gift also included one of the new bobbin organizers - I’ve been looking at these!  A great addition for carrying and organizing bobbins (they are currently all over the place 😬) Will 2019 be the year of organization?  

Happiest of Holidays to all!  
Don’t forget to enjoy the music, the lights and the decorations while nibbling on goodies 😉


  1. Gorgeous bluebird! If all it takes is that little caddy to be organized, i’m in, let us know if it works!

  2. Awesome! I think I need to devise something to hold my post shuttles. Haven't found the perfect bobbin shuttle for me yet.


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