Sunday, November 10, 2019


Are you sick of me yet?

I just wanted to break down my thoughts today and feel like I’m sorta caught up. So I can look back in a year or two and remember what a great year 2019 was.

I forgot to post this penny memento I made for my folks' anniversary.  There are actually two pennies - the front one is 1959, and there’s a 2019 one on the back side.  I dug through our large jar of pennies to see if there was a 1959 one by any chance.  And yes!  Success.  Which led to an afternoon of sorting out significant years, lol.

The lace piece is from my mom's wedding dress, and was pretty hard to tie since the lace is quite brittle.  A little glue should hold it there, though.  I really love making the memento pennies for graduations, weddings and babies!  

The other project I had some fun with is more button tatting. Diane (Lace Lovin' Librarian) showed us her button tatting and shared many colorful buttons at our retreat in July.  She is such an inspiration, and ever so generous with supplies. I got on a roll and matched up all of the buttons with different threads. I figured I’d use them to sew onto things, and just have on hand for various projects.  Then ...

I found this Facebook page/group called Art Abandonment. It is FULL of various kinds of art that artists purposely abandon for someone to find with a note listing the Group/page, and a group moderator email address for finders to share their story.

This originally started on this blog: 

I was pretty on board with seeing all of the different types of art, and started using my small tatted pieces to try this.  The buttons and ice drops are perfect.  (And a great way to promote tatting!)   I need to update my note with my own contact info on it, as I’ve not seen any of my items on the page as “found” yet.  I’d love to know their fate! 

Just another fun thing to do with some of the tatting I do just for enjoyment. 

OK, I think I’m caught up in a nutshell now.  
On with November, grandbabies, and holidays!  

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  1. Bluff City TatterMonday, November 11, 2019

    I love the Art Abandonment concept. What a cool idea. A while back there was a big movement here for people to decorate and "hide" 901 rocks (901 is our area code) for people to find. It was so much fun. My son loved finding them and even decorated a few to hide himself. It was just a fun thing to brighten someone's day.

    I'll have to dig through my tatting stash and see what I can "abandon" somewhere.

    1. It is fun to view the Facebook page - there are a lot of painted rocks, among many other types of art. So fun! I hope you join in!

  2. So cool! And your photos are absolutely lovely.

  3. I love your anniversary pennies do you mind if I borrow it so cute!
    and the button flowers are fab!! hugs from Carollyn!

    1. Hi Carollyn - Thanks! I love the pennies too :)


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