Saturday, June 27, 2009

Butterfly Exchange

I finally finished my butterfly for the InTatters June exchange, and got it in the mail to my exchange partner in Kansas yesterday. I chose this pattern because a) I thought it was really pretty, b) it would be perfect for some new variegated thread I have, and c) it didn't look too difficult. Oops! Silly me. I didn't notice it was rated an "Intermediate" pattern until I was pretty much done. I kept cutting off thread and starting rounds over. The more I completed, the more I realized I was too far to start something else for the exchange. Then, the farther I got, the more things I saw that I didn't do properly. Picots too large, tension not even. (I think I got the frontside/backside thing figured out though!) Maybe I should have used the variegated thread throughout instead of doing a round in white? I am new enough to tatting to not quite understand how I should and should NOT use variegated thread :) My exchange partner is a much more experienced tatter, but I'm sure she'll understand. The pattern designer may put INTERMEDIATE in larger letters on her patterns after seeing this, but I guess everyone has to start somewhere!

It is still an accomplishment!

I have to wonder what it might look like if I did it again after much more practice. I shall now go back to tatting "BEGINNER" patterns!

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