Saturday, June 20, 2009

This "blogging" thing . . .

OK, so I'm going to blog. Gotta try it, you know. Actually, I tried it once before, but it got to be too much, so I stopped. But it still seems like a fun thing to do, so I'll try it again. What do I write? All about me? I guess I'll write about things I like and keep track of my life in this way. Maybe I'll remember what the heck I did last week. Ha! I guess it will be the most narcissistic thing I've ever done.

For starters, I've recently been tatting. Or trying to anyway, with some good progress. I've spent the last three years working on the T.A.T. (Tatters Across Time) program, which involves receiving a binder of information and instructions on learning the craft of tatting. I finally finished the required projects for the Apprentice phase, and submitted them by mail the end of May. I should hear by the end of July if I completed the requirements with enough points to "pass" the phase. There are two more phases - Artisan and Master. (Considering the first phase took me three years to complete, I may be retired before I become a Master!) In any case, I have also found a wonderful group of tatters online - InTatters - and am participating in their June exchange of butterflies. So . . . I've been working on some various butterfly patterns and getting some good practice at this art. I will have to post some pictures of my accomplishments - my butterfly exchange will need to be mailed by the end of June, so I can snap some pictures before I mail it off.

On the family front, we just returned from a long weekend trip to Chicago to see the Twins play the Cubs at Wrigley Stadium. The Twins won the series, but lost the game we attended (where were their bats?!) Was great fun to see that old stadium and participate in the rival fun. We made it to the Navy Pier and got to visit with a cousin who made us a wonderful dinner and brought us on a guided tour of downtown - Millennium Park, the Buckingham Fountain, the "bean", etc. Was a fun trip, but now we are back to reality.

Enough of a start on this "blogging" thing. More another day.

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