Monday, June 22, 2009


Talk about love/hate relationships. Love/Hate my tatting. I just get ripping along, feeling pretty smug, and wham. The thread hates me. Or maybe it's the shuttle. In any case, I find myself wondering "Do I attach here? Is this the right direction? Frontside or Backside here? Dang, I think I missed a stitch. Pick it out. Relax and do it again. Dang, now I think I attached it to one picot over too far. Pick it out and try again. Whew. That looks right." All for a very small portion of tatting, mind you! I'm finishing my butterfly for the InTatters Exchange. I think I chose a pattern that was a little bit too much for my beginner status, but it's been good practice. (Thankfully, it seems that the tatters in the exchange are pretty tolerant of beginners!) Another session of Love/Hate tomorrow evening. Someday I will be able to laugh at this. Today - not so much!

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