Friday, August 21, 2009

The Breast Cancer 3-Day and Music Love

Ever prevalent in my thoughts is breast cancer. I have many instances of this in my family. Two aunts, both at age 56, and a cousin at age 49, are survivors, and a cousin's son is going through treatment at about age 30 right now.


All of us are touched in one way or another. The Breast Cancer 3-Day walk started today, and I am honored to sponsor a walker. The walk is 60 miles over 3 days. I wish her, and ALL walkers for this cause, strong legs and happy hearts knowing how much their dedication to the education, treatment and prevention of breast cancer means to my daughters, myself, and women everywhere. You rock. And thank you from the bottom of my heart.

And, speaking of hearts, I LOVE music. Particularly LIVE music. I like a lot of different types of music, but I especially enjoy live music. Not only that, but I really love music that has a positive, uplifting attitude and a jive-y beat. (Well, at least lyrics that I can figure out, anyway, else I make up my own uplifting words!) Last night, I went to the Jason Mraz concert in St. Paul, MN with my daughter and one of my best high school friends and her daughter. (That was fun in and of itself, since this particular friend and I spent every cent we had going to concerts back in the late 70's.) The opening bands were a little bit too much rap - not quite my thing, but had a beat nevertheless - but I really love Jason Mraz and his individual style. His current popular song is "I'm Yours" . (I love the part about 'checking my tongue in the mirror and bending over backward just to try to see it clearer' - makes me chuckle to envision this literally, and I hope it isn't insinuating anything I am not getting!)

During the encore of last night's concert, there was a wedding proposal. Of course, sappy me got teary, which is always so funny to my kids. In any case, it was fun to be a part of this couple's romantic proposal. I wonder who this guy knew to be able to do this?

OK. Enough emotional blabbering. Back to reality. Much singing in my house today :)

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  1. Wow, a 60 mile walk. They are really out there to be seen - great idea and very dedicated people.
    It sounds like you had a fun time at the concert. I had to check out your link to find out who he was, sounds pretty good.