Monday, October 12, 2009

Fall colors . . .

. . . in the Midwest are supposed to look like my backyard did on Friday:

It was a beautiful, sunny, fall day in Minnesota on Friday. Like it should be in OCTOBER. Temperatures in the upper 50 degrees F are pretty average, and wandering about outside in a sweatshirt and jeans is comfortable.

On Saturday, we woke up to a little of this:

White is NOT a fall color. We are not ready for this until November. Late November, thankyouverymuch. We woke up to more of this today.

Not to worry. Just an "impulse of moisture" the weather guy said this morning. (An impulse! I guess Mother Nature even has impulses, huh?) The overnight low tonite is predicted to be in the 20s. It will be back up to 60 degrees by Sunday. Even though our temperatures and weather change drastically from one day to the next, we don't get "used" to it. It can go from 80 degrees to 50 overnight - summer to fall in one day - and likewise dropping temperatures take us quickly from fall to winter.

The snow is actually very pretty when it sticks to all the trees like it is today. It's falling slowly right now, just like in a snowglobe. But it's OCTOBER! We haven't gotten through Halloween yet. I think snow is much prettier in December.

People joke about midwesterners and how we talk about the weather. I don't know if it's so much the weather we are talking about as it is the shock to the system!

Since I have the day off today, I am changing my summer capris and Ts out for turtlenecks and sweaters. I've got the house smelling good with Pumpkin Spice Bread I found here, and some baked oatmeal with cinnamon & cranberries in it.

At least the house smells like FALL. In OCTOBER.


  1. Wow! Snow! It was so chilly today I actually had to put a sweater on this evening!

  2. The pictures of the snow are pretty - I like looking at snow in pictures or out the window. We had cold weather also, but only a few flakes showed up. I'm with you, it's too early for snow!
    (The fall pictures of your yard are pretty, too. I wish my yard looked that good)

  3. Gosh, how did I miss all those beautiful fall photos, too! They are all so pretty!!!

  4. Missed this! That snow is CRAZY! But, the fall colours are glorious! Lots of inspiration there.
    Fox : )


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