Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Significant Things in Life

#1 Significant thing in my life this week is that the English Major turned 21 yesterday.  (Yikes)  I really can't believe my baby is 21!  Significant for me because, well, it makes me feel sort of insignificant now!  I know that isn't true, but now both my kids are really adults and I can't make rules for them or dole out consequences or take away privileges anymore.  They are now truly responsible for their own actions.  I think we've raised them to be loving, responsible, productive adults.  Significant?  Yes.

We drove the 1+ hours to the English Major's apartment to take her out to dinner and buy her a legal drink, and then home again.   The Army Girlfriend couldn't join us because she had to work, but gave her little sister this cookie:

That cookie is one-half the dough of a whole batch!  Cute.

Tonite is another performance at the theater for me (Little Shop of Horrors), and then I will have a chance to work on tatted hearts for another significant lifetime event.  #2 Significant thing - The Tarnished Tatter blogs about her friend's diagnosis of Stage 4 Breast Cancer, and asks for tatters to send her tatted hearts with notes of inspiration so she can deliver them to her friend post-surgery.  Get all the information and the pattern for Tatted Hearts for Tracy HERESignificant?  Yes.

I will be working on some hearts for this significant event in a stranger's life.  Maybe you can too!

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  1. My baby turned 21 August 28, so I understand the sentiment, just not as strongly-- you see, 4 of my 5 sons were still living in my home- including the newlywed and his new bride. But the newlyweds moved into yheir new house in September so it's gotten rather quiet around here.


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