Thursday, October 8, 2009

Shuttle Pig

I feel like a pig! A shuttle pig. Just look at this shuttle stash. (My pictures are a bit dark, but you get the general idea of the hoarding going on here.)

Awhile back, I posted about all of the thread I received a couple of years ago, along with many lacemaking books and shuttles. I think pretty much all of these shuttles came from that one wonderful inheritance.

After seeing Fox's post (here) about her recent Ebay auction win, I realized I had even more of a treasure than I thought in my shuttle inheritance. Don't get me wrong - I am certainly grateful for this stash of shuttles. I just didn't realize I had a couple of shuttles that tatters envy!

There are these larger shuttles - I haven't tried working with these at all yet. The copper and gold ones are pretty, but metal seems so harsh to hold after using plastic.

There are so many of the Boye shuttles, I'm guessing they must've been a favorite of the original owner. The little wooden ones are nice and I did try them, but the thread doesn't flow easily off these.

Then there are these metal ones with the removable bobbins. These do seem like they would be very nice to use, but I got my thread caught in the hook too much when I tried one - might just take some getting used to.

I've left this package intact as it was obviously collected from somewhere. It is a shuttle and some sort of a hook. I'm not sure who to ask about this, so here it sits as received in my collection. Anyone have any knowledge or thoughts on this?

This one also appears old and well used:

I have no idea how to tat with needles, but these are in there too. I definitely feel the need to learn how to shuttle tat before I attempt to even try needle tatting. I've seen this other type of shuttle many times before, and in some cute shapes - but I haven't tried using it yet.

And here I have two Milward shuttles and an English Aero. I've left the one Milward on the card as I received it. I did try the Milward shuttle, and found it to be nice and light to use - but I missed having a point for picking out stitches as I tend to do a lot of that! The English Aero shuttle apparently isn't even made anymore. I haven't tried it at all, but it sounds like it's one in high demand.

I love having this collection of all different types of shuttles. I think I would like to display them somehow, maybe in a shadowbox of some kind that I could open so that I could still get at them to use. And, piggish as it may sound, I would still love to collect more shuttles! (oink, oink)

With all of these shuttles though, I have to say that these little Clovers are my favorite ones to use.

I won't even tell you how many crochet hooks I inherited.


  1. What riches! RICHES!

    You've been showered with wealth. Color me green with shuttle envy. (Except for those small, plastic Clovers -- never liked 'em much.)

    I'd gladly trade you every Clover I own, for one Milward. Just to see what everyone is so enamored over. :-)

    Go ahead and keep on collecting. The best collections are never complete.

  2. I love the title of your blog post! Welcome to Shuttle Pigmania! Ha ha ha! I am a Shuttle Piggy, too! SHoink SHoink SHoink!

  3. P.S. I can't find a link online to forward for reference, but I swear I read somewhere that you need to be very careful when handling old, celluloid shuttles.

    Maybe it was in one of the books on shuttle collections. Will check my bookshelf tomorrow.

    SHoink, SHoink, from an unabashed Shuttle Pig!

  4. What a wonderful collection! Wow! And your pictures of them are lovely, too. I love how you showed them on the lovely backgrounds.

    I don't use the metal bobbin shuttles, either, because when the thread gets caught between the bobbin and the body it usually discolors. Doesn't mean I don't have a few - but they are for display anymore. You are deffinately rich in your shuttle collection.

    I'm not a closet shuttle pig - most of mine are on the wall in a shadow box. SHoink, SHoink!

  5. Hello!
    What a pretty post! I like your workbasket and I think the doilies in the background are BEAUTIFUL! It's so nice that you were given these shuttles and the thread you showed recently - things like that are meant to be used and enjoyed and I think it's nice when a family takes the time to pass them on to someone who will do just that!

    Until I started tatting on a regular basis, I didn't understand why a person would need so many shuttles - erm... now I get it and SHoink, SHoink I have an ever growing collection!

    :) Ann

  6. Ha ha! I love all the SHoink Shoinks! Hee hee! We are shuttle pigs and we are proud of it, LOL!

    Okay, the real reason I am back is because I wanted to respond to what Isdihara was saying about the celluloid shuttles. What I had heard is that they give off a gas and that gas will discolor your metal shuttles so you need to store them separately from any metal shuttles you have to avoid that.

    Why does my word verification say "calms"??? Is someone trying to tell me something? LOL!

  7. Well! That was an interesting read! Thanks for posting about your new collection of old shuttles.
    ♥ from another who gladly suffers shuttlemania!
    Fox : )


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