Saturday, November 7, 2009

Right or Left-Brained?

I always thought I was right-brained.  You know, mostly artistic and creative.  But then, I have that practical, serious, perfectionist left-brained personality too.  What a conflict!  It seems I have an insatiable desire to accomplish everything before I can even learn it.

I tried a little tatting this week, but most everything I attempted came to a screeching halt for one reason or another.  Not only did I abandon several attempts at figuring out patterns that might work on a Christmas ornament, but I also got sidetracked trying to figure out how to do those self-closing mock rings (SCMR's).  When I couldn't master that, I decided I was getting ahead of myself AGAIN, (as usual) and promptly sent off for the Artisan Phase II of the T.A.T. program to torment myself learn some more.  The logical, orderly, practical left side of my brain knows that it's time for me to slow down and learn the basics, and quit trying to do everything perfectly the first time at record pace.  I really do like tatting, it just frustrates the heck out of me when I can't figure out a pattern or a technique.  What is even more frustrating is that I don't have the time after work, supper, etc., to really research the internet for the answers I need, so I end up abandoning my tatting for awhile and working on something that I can be successful at.  The creative, imaginative dreamer right side of my brain makes me turn into a mad-woman with a burning desire to accomplish something.  (You should see my sewing/craft room - it currently looks like a tornado hit it.) The left sided perfectionist in me makes me even more determined to learn to shuttle-tat, and learn it well.  The right side wants to tat every beautiful pattern I see, and design my own patterns. I wish the left-side and the right-side of my brain could agree more often.  They did agree long enough for me to get three of Heather's Hearts for Tracy tatted and get them sent off in the mail, but I forgot to take any pictures of that accomplishment in my haste to get them to her on time.  Does anyone else have this right-left brain conflict? 

After abandoning the tatting, I decided to read a book.  I have found Jennifer Chiaverini's Elm Creek Quilt Series to be easy, entertaining reads, so I got the newest book The Lost Quilter at the library, and proceeded to devour that.  You don't have to be a quilter to enjoy the books - they are wonderful stories of women, friendship, quilting and history.  A good escape when the right brain and the left brain are disagreeing!

My biggest accomplishment this past week was finishing one last doll quilt. For Elmo.  Elmo required a smaller quilt than the others, and since I had Friday off from work my goal was to finish it for this bunch I am donating to a local Crisis Nursery.  Back in September, I blogged about making some quilts and that some coworkers agreed to donate some stuffed animals to go with them.

My generous coworkers didn't disappoint, and added some personality to these little quilts. Aren't they cute?

These guys are off and ready to be loved as needed. 

This week I will get back to trying some tatting again.  Fox was kind enough to send me some encouraging mail and some pretty thread to try.  More about that another day :)


  1. I totally have a "need to accomplish something" drive that rears it's head sometimes lol. Especially since I've been starting to dye and sell some thread, I've felt like I'm neglecting my poor shuttles. I was totally all frustrated today because of designs not working like I wanted.... so you are not alone. :-)

  2. LOL!!! I am SO sorry for your frustrations and so amused to read that someone else knows something about what kind of antics are played out ENDLESSLY in my weary, nattering brain!

    You are definitely not alone! Ahh, the trials and tribulations of creative creatures!
    Fox : )

  3. Oh! Those little critters and quilts are ADORABLE!!! They have so much personality together and a going to be SO LOVED! What a nice thing to do!

    In my "extensive research" of right/left brain characteristics (in an effort to better understand one child in my abode), I learned that it is actually the right side of the brain which DEMANDS perfection and is CRUSHED when it is not achieved. I don't think the left brain much cares unless it is not organized properly. These brain wars aren't easy are they?

    :) Ann

  4. Fox and Krystle - I'm so glad to know I'm not alone :)

    Ann - I think I should research those right/left brain characteristics some more - sounds like I really am right-brained after all :)

  5. Left-brained? Right-brained? You have to have a brain!!?? Now I'm in trouble!!!


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