Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Be Resolute!

Have you made your resolutions yet? Plan well - 2010 is almost here!

This year, I resolve to be resolute!
[Resolute = marked by firm determination]

It appears that many of us make resolutions and then let them fall by the wayside by about April or May. I am guilty of dropping the proverbial ball on my resolutions almost every year. Oh, I start out with good intentions, but the determination seems to wane almost as rapidly as the list is put in the drawer.

We make resolutions in an effort to make the coming year a better one than the last. A resolution is typically defined as a promise or commitment people make to themselves to complete a project or alter a habit. Why make a promise to yourself and not keep it? (There are enough other people that disappoint us, we don't have to do it to ourselves!) I have succeeded at accomplishing and maintaining only ONE huge resolution in my whole life that I remember - quitting smoking. It's been 11 years since I made that commitment to myself. Talk about firm determination. (I know it's in there!)

As I ponder my resolutions for the coming year, I am focusing on these tips to help myself stay resolute:

1) Make an attainable resolution. If it's unrealistic, it's likely you will fail.

2) Focus on just one or two major resolutions. We try to do too much in too short a time.

3) Have a plan to achieve the goal in small steps. Set smaller goals on the path to achieving the main goal, and reward yourself for steps accomplished.

4) Don't fuss over failures - discover what caused the diversion and regroup.

5) Remind yourself of your resolution commitment - keep it out in the open on the fridge, the mirror, on top of your crafting supplies . . .

6) Remind yourself the benefits of succeeding.

7) Remember that it takes TIME to make changes to old habits. Resolutions take work and are not magically an overnight success!

I'm off to pare down my list of resolutions. That could take awhile :)

Best Wishes for a Safe, Happy, Healthy New Year! Boy, Twenty-Ten is going to be weird to say.

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  1. Happy New Years to you also!

    I often don't make resolutions because I ALWAYS break them! I like your list. I should post that alongside any resolutions I make. #4 is a big one for me - don't fuss but regroup. Thanks!

    Happy Twenty-Ten! (yep that's weird)

    :) Ann


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