Monday, December 21, 2009

Secret Santa from Singapore

Another Secret Santa gift arrived last week - all the way from Singapore.  Valerie from the Intatters group sent me this pretty red motif, along with some red and green thread, some mini-clothespins with Shamrocks on them, and some silver beads.  I have really enjoyed this exchange - and look forward to participating in more as time permits.

I will be learning to add beads to my tatting in the Phase II Artisan program that I will be working on in 2010. (And probably 2011 and 2012, too!)  The threads are pretty red and green - perfect for Christmas 2010, or maybe that green with the cute little clothespins for something St. Patrick-y.  We'll see!
I've gotten a little bit of tatting done this past week also - a couple of bookmarks and some incomplete snowflakes.  One bookmark is a gift, and one is FINALLY for me!  This is one I've made a few times now - I'd love to do it in several more color combinations just to have on hand.

And this one is from the thread that my coworker brought me from India.  The pattern is here, and was designed by one of my Secret Santas.

The threads that have that metallic thread in them have been a little difficult for me to use so far - it seems that  I always break the metallic thread or it's very twisty to work with.  This particular thread was beautiful to work with and seems strong.  It looks like the brand is "Red Rose" from India - or maybe that's the color?  I will have to look at the label again.   I really like this pattern too - it was very easy, and is a pretty one to use with variegated thread.

The tatting and sewing are now on break for a few days!  It all will be back out soon because I have time off between Christmas and New Year's with NO plans.  I love that unscheduled time!

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  1. Oh, wow! This is lovely! I really enjoy seeing the wonderful secret Santa exchanges! Everything is lovely, the motif and the beautiful bookmark! Enjoy!


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