Monday, December 14, 2009

Dashing Through the Snow . . .

Another snowy, slippery Minnesota commute this morning - yuck.  I really don't mind the snow except when it makes for poor driving conditions.  And stupid drivers.  You'd think people who live here would remember from year to year, but some folks always seem to forget how to drive on snow.  There are the speed demons who must get to their destination faster than you can.  And then there are those that think they must crawl or they will slip off into oblivion somewhere.  I fall somewhere in between - I don't get too close to anyone, and I don't particularly care to race.  Moderation folks, moderation.  Sheesh.  And now for the deep freeze.  Temperatures will be dipping below 0F tonite, with a high of about 5F tomorrow.  I will take the snow before the below-zero temps!

(OK.  Enough weather.  It's just what we talk about here in Minnesota.)

I received another InTatters Secret Santa gift last week - from Imoshen in California.  This nice surprise in a stocking included some beads, some plastic rings, some thread keepers, a shuttle, and a pretty blue motif that I can add to something special:

I really needed those thread keepers - I have oodles of thread I have unwound from shuttles that could use some organization, and I will be learning how to tat onto rings and add beads and buttons in the next phase of the T.A.T. program.   I am still waiting for one more, and I think the Santa gifts I sent have been received. 

I saw a post awhile back on Crazy Mom Tats' blog on using floss threaders to hide thread ends.  I thought it was a great idea, and included some in the Secret Santa packages I was sending out.  I assumed that other tatters knew that the floss threaders are used for hiding ends, but the first recipient of my gift admitted she wasn't sure what they were for.  (Imagine that Kodak look on her face as she wondered why I would send dental floss threaders . . .)  She did inform me that they can also be used as bead threaders.  I guess I will learn about that soon!

The tatting I've been doing lately is minimal - I am such a slow tatter I don't seem to finish much.  And of course, this is a busy time of year!  By the time I sit down and have time to tat, my eyes are done for the day.  Last week I had theater duty on Thursday night for "A Christmas Carol" and on Saturday a.m. for "A Laura Ingalls Wilder Christmas".   Then to lunch and shopping on Saturday, and a little baking on Sunday. 

I'm trying not to rush around like a madwoman and just enjoy the season, but it seems like there's so much to enjoy!  This next weekend the girls and I will make lefse and krumkake on Saturday, and then we will try out the new Northstar Commuter train on Sunday.  This new train system opened in November, and is a very welcome alternate way to commute to downtown Minneapolis.  We will go to Macy's and see the 8th Floor Santaland and display of "A Day in the Life of an Elf".  We haven't gone to this annual display since the girls were little, so it will be a fun girls day.  I believe the last time we went was when I was a daycare provider, and we made little hats and went to the Pinnochio display.  Or maybe Puss N Boots.  In any case, they are beautiful displays.   Dad would sooner poke needles in his eyes, so Scrooge he will stay home.

I hope everyone is remembering to slow down and ENJOY this season of music, kindness, and giving. 
And for heaven's sake, drive safely if you are in a winter wonderland!


  1. Your gift from your Secret Santa is so very nice! I am especially liking that lovely square motif! It's so pretty!

  2. Had to laugh about your comments on the weather. I'm sure our winter weather is not as dramatic as yours, but talk of which roads are closed, which schools are closed or delayed, are the power lines okay, and what idiots are out there driving..yep, sounds like home. It's a lovely gift you received. Love the idea of sending them in a stocking, wish I'd thought of that! Be safe and have fun this Christmas season.

  3. How funny! Up there you talk about the weather and cold this time of year, down here we talk about the weather and heat in the summer. Of course, it is MUCH easier to drive in the heat! lol

    You have gotten such nice things from your exchange partners. I will have to try to get my act together next year and sign up for an exchange - they look like fun!

    I am a SLOOOW and sporadic at times, tatter myself. I try to tat at the end of the day, but sometimes I am so tired I only get a ring done and then I fall asleep shuttle mid-air. I've learned just to put it away when I wake up because I usually make a fatal tatting mistake if I try to tat when I am that tired.

    I'm doing pretty good at not rushing this year, but I must say I'm a little short on glee. The kids get out of school Friday. I'm hoping we will all feel more festive then! Enjoy your baking and outings this weekend!

    :) Ann

  4. Oh, I may need to clarify! When I said down here, I referred to Texas not like doun UNDER. I read some Australian blogs - it totally blows my mind that Christmas is a SUMMER holiday for them.
    :) Ann


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