Monday, July 19, 2010

Storms, Brunch and Fair . . .

I am running out of time to get my doily done for the fair.  I'll get it, but it will be pretty last minute as I've had some distractions.  I have to get it done to bring it in on Saturday or Sunday . . . such a pokey tatter, I am!

As for the distractions, we had a BBQ on Saturday that ended with storms and tornadoes around us.  We barely finished eating and the rain started before we got to the bocce ball and horseshoes.  When the sirens went off, and the kids were corralled, we headed for the lower level and proceeded to watch the wind and horizontal rain blow everything around.  It was very green outside, and looked and sounded pretty scary.  We could see on the weather radar that the heaviest winds and tornado potential was coming straight for us.  Fortunately, we only had some branches and leaves across the deck and the yard, a few leaning tiki torches . . .

and a leaning pine tree instead of an uprooted one.

My tomato plants were leaning so far over that hubby had to cut off the cages and restake them.  There are many large trees down in the neighborhood, so we feel pretty lucky!  Fortunately, no one in the metro area was injured, and the damage seems to be mostly trees.  Sad to see those big trees down, but I guess it's nature's way of doing a little pruning.

Our power went out, and that resulted in some shadow puppets on the ceiling . . .

and dessert in the dark.  (Gotta make do with what you have!)  We had a lot of laughs once the scary part was over,and had a beautiful rainbow and this beautiful sky when it cleared. 


The kids will remember the storm at our house - we just hope they want to come back!

Sunday, I drove to my hometown (about 40 miles away) for a brunch with my high school classmates.  Since our last reunion, we've had a class website to keep in touch and post pictures, etc.  We are all turning . . . ahem . . . a significant age this year, so there have been some organizers of motorcycle runs, BBQs, meet-ups and this brunch.  I never thought I'd be celebrating my 50th (yikes!) birthday with people I graduated from HS with.  Not only that, but a few of us were in Kindergarten together.  AND, at the brunch were classmates I never really hung out with, and we had a great time chatting.  We certainly missed out on many friendships during high school years due to the typical cliques, but I found it fun to chat with those I never knew back then.  Anyhoo, it's been a busy month already, and I have a lot to cram into the next week! 

For now, I need to buckle down on that fair doily.  Boy, did I have grand dreams of entering several items.  LOL.  Looks like I will enter a doily and a bookmark this year.  And I promise myself to start on next year's entries MUCH sooner!


  1. Hi Cindy!
    You certainly picked a wild night for a BBQ! I'm glad there was no significant damage and no one hurt. That is a BEAUTIFUL shot of the sky afterward! It sounds like a night which will live in everyone's memory.

    Good luck finishing the doily. My mom always entered sewing in the fair through her extension group booth. I know you have been working at it for a while, but Mom was a procrastinator. She would work up to the deadline, cussing and having ninety fits and tell us how it wasn't good enough to enter. The judges always thought differently. She always got a ribbon and even won Grand Champion a few times. Sometimes you do your best work under pressure. Hang in there, I think it is WONDERFUL you are entering something!

    :) Ann

  2. Hi Ann! I think I must be like your Mom. Wait until the last minute, cussing and thinking it isn't good enough and then entering it anyway. I do work best under pressure. No "Grand Champion" here, but maybe someday . . .


Thanks for your thoughts - I read and appreciate every one!