Friday, April 29, 2011

Call Me Princess

The royal doings are fascinating, though I didn't get up early to watch the wedding.  I did, however, turn the coverage on when I got up.  "The" dress was beautiful, the event historic and the hats . . . well, the hats were interesting.  The dollars spent, the crowds of onlookers and the media masses are all incredible.  I can't imagine the life they lead, but I hope they use their status in the best way possible and enjoy a happy marriage amid the royal scrutiny.  I am glad I can sit on my deck with a glass of wine and watch my bluebirds without security guarding me and people trying to get my picture!  (And what a picture it would be of me with bare feet and in my sweatpants . . . )

I did have a little fun with the Royal Name Generator. Yesterday I informed my coworkers that they could address me as "Princess" Cindy.  Unfortunately, my paycheck today did not reflect that title.

OK, so there's really no royalty here.  I am about 1/8 English, way back there somewhere, but otherwise I'm a mere peasant.  Back to reality.  My security is two snoring dogs by my feet as I enjoy a glass of $10/bottle wine. Back to being the chef AND the maid. 

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  1. The name generator was fun! The first time I didn't tick the correct box so it called me Sir Jane, but the second time I was properly referred to as Marchioness Jane. That sounds better, although as you noted, I didn't get a pay raise and am in fact still scrubbing my own toilet. Being royalty isn't what it used to be....


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