Sunday, April 17, 2011

Crosses & Coffee Shops

With Easter coming up, I've been working on some cross bookmarks for a friend that requested some for Easter gifts for her family.  She chose some thread colors, and I got busy with the tatting.  I made Mary Konior's large cross once before, but promptly sent if off as a gift - so I forgot that it really is 'large'.  It's a beautiful cross, but maybe a bit too big for bible bookmarks done in size 20 thread.

2nd 25-Motif Challenge
Motif #s 16 & 17
Lizbeth Springtime and a Variegated Blue

They take up the whole page of my regular sized bible. It works, but do you think they're too big?

I'm working on getting a couple more crosses done in some size 40 thread, in case she would prefer the smaller size.   I've used Lizbeth size 40 in mocha swirl and mocha for a slightly smaller one.  I like this size better, but I know my friend was loving the thread colors of the larger ones.  I have one more small one to make, and then some tassels.  I should be done with these just in time!

2nd 25-Motif Challenge
Motif #18
Lizbeth Mocha Swirl & Mocha Size 40

I also made two of the Hearts and Flowers Cross by Julie Patterson - one of my favorite quick & easy patterns.  These are also done in size 20 thread.  Quite springy colors, don't you think? 

2nd 25-Motif Challenge
Motif #s 19 & 20
Yarnplayer's Summer Trail & Lizbeth Turquoise Twist

I would like to experiment with some different types of chains and tassels, but for the crosses to get done in time for Easter, I'm keeping them simple.  At our Twin Cities Tatters gathering yesterday, Michelle steered me to this video on tassel-making.  I will be trying this today - she makes it look sooooooo easy! 

Speaking of our Twin Cities Tatting gatherings - we meet at a local Caribou Coffee shop.  Michelle and I met through blogs and forums online, and have become good tatting friends setting up our gatherings.  Michelle has decided to join the world of blogging to show her beautiful work - see her new blog "Tela Magistrae".

Here's proof that we really do get together:

Cindy and Carla

Join us if you're in the Twin Cities :) There's plenty of room!


  1. The crosses are all so beautiful- I really love the way the brown one turned out!

    We sure did have fun yesterday!

  2. All of the crosses are beautiful! I agree that Mary's large cross is kind of big in size 20. Still, it is a fabulous pattern! I'm tempted to try it in size 80. Notice I said tempted. ; )

    How nice to see pictures of the three of you! Maybe I can make it to Minnesota this summer for some tatting time!

  3. The crosses are lovely! The ones in size 20 may be a little large, but they look to be completely in the Bible so they'd probably work:)

    I'd love to join you and the other tatters, but the commute would be a little extreme. Maybe someday I can convince my husband we need to travel up there to see the country-side and I could time it to stop in and join you. *smile*


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