Saturday, April 9, 2011

My Woman Cave

I've been planning a sewing/craft room for awhile now.  I knew the day was coming that Uptown Girl would fly the nest (again) and her bedroom would become a "spare" room.  I figured the next time she moved out would probably be the last time. Like most young adults, she's moved out and home again a couple of times.  Now it was safe to create my Woman Cave.

So, for the past week I've been moving my junk craft/sewing/tatting supplies from an office/sewing/den to my new space.  My stuff was crammed into bins in a cramped closet that I had to completely unload to find anything.  I would unstack 4 bins of fabric to get to what I knew I had in there somewhere.  And then for some reason the bins didn't always get put away - just in case I needed another piece.  But that's over!

There's still a LOT of organizing and sorting to do, but this will be soooo much easier in here.  It doesn't look like I am nearly the hoarder I thought I was. (Unless you consider that I do have an entire room for my stuff.)


Tatting thread and supplies in one 9-cube cubby and fabric and sewing stuff in the other.  Those things hold a lot of supplies - very convenient.  Yes, the bookshelf still needs some organizing, but it will be pleasant to do in here :)

My sewing corner. The Ott Lite can easily move down to the chair end of the cubbies for tatting or other handwork.

Yep - fabric in these cupboards too.  Don't dare open them just yet.

Is that a neat closet, or what?  I can only hope it stays that way - it looks so bare and easy to keep clean at the moment. (I'm sure that will change.)  Now maybe I can  make some curtains and put some things on the walls to really get comfortable.  I'm so glad to have my own Woman Cave!  Aren't you jealous?

In between moving and organizing, I've been tatting some crosses for Easter.  More about that later.  I'm enjoying my cave!


  1. Happy Bluebird,
    I'm thrilled for you!!! I know just what you mean about needing a room just to do what you want,,,make things in! Jealous of I'm just thrilled for you Honey!

  2. Oh congrats! I just moved all my stuff to my new room too! Doesn't it feel great? What I love most is that I can walk in and go right to whatever it is that I want and just grab it!! No digging, or moving or buying something I know I already have but can't find!

  3. I was going to say yes, I'm jealous and then realized that normally, when my son isn't living here, and even while he is, I have SEVERAL rooms for my stuff. I think I'm jealous of all your neatness!

  4. Oh yes! I am so jealous. My work area is only a corner of my backroom, taking up a space of about 4 feet by 8 feet, :(

  5. Jealous? Oh yes, absolutely GREEN with jealousy! You have done a terrific job organizing your new cave. Golly you even hung a note board! Enjoy your new creative space.

    Now I must go put away those boxes and bins I dragged out of my own craft closet, looking for some item. Your neat closet is a reminder of how I should follow your excellent example.


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