Saturday, July 2, 2011

Guess . . .

. . . what I did this morning?

and with those, some peaches,
and the remainder of my rhubarb, 
I will be doing some of this:

AND . . .
I've started this:

I believe it's going to be a productive weekend.


  1. Productive? NO! You are INSPIRATIONAL!

    It appears to me that you have picked strawberries, photographed them, played around in Adobe (or some such program) with great results, are preparing to can same berries (and more) AND have been tatting the start of something pretty!!! WHAT is in the water up there and can you bottle some and send it down here? I NEED it!

    :))) Ann

  2. *drooling* Those strawberries look delicious! And the mere thought of strawberry rhubarb jam or pie sends me back to happy days of yore.

    And you are tatting too! Might I please also have a vial of the water or whatever incredible curative elixir you have stumbled upon?

  3. I'm thinking that's "Strawberry, the dragon". right? Beautiful picture, Picasa?

  4. ooh, that will be a beautiful dragon! Much more delicate colors than I would have thought of using but I love the idea of a dragon that color.

  5. I had to lie down immediately upon reading this post... yes, I need whatever it is that is your cup!
    Fox : ))

  6. Wonderful post for a wonderfully productive weekend! ENJOY! Nice to visit your blog again! (((huggles)))
    ~TattingChic ♥


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