Wednesday, July 6, 2011

It's Wednesday . . .

I really thought I could get a dragon done by today.  Wine Wednesday.  I have the wine, and a beautiful evening to sit and enjoy it.

Last week it was mentioned that maybe I would use a "wine" color thread to tat my dragon.  Ha!  That gave me a chuckle, and when I went digging in my thread for the perfect color, I found a beautiful variegated Lizbeth.  I started thinking about what I would name the dragon, etc., etc., and looked up the name of the thread color.  Guess what color Lizbeth #131 is?  VINEYARD HARVEST.  Totally unintentional!  But totally funny, if you ask me!

So, I got to work on this dragon. I thought I would name this one Zinfandel, since it's one of my favorite wines.  I got this far only starting over once:

Not too bad, I thought.  I only have a little glue on the neck.  Oops. Not sure what I did, but one of the threads I had already cut somehow became un-hidden, and of course now the thread was too short to re-hide.  Zinfandel was beginning to get a little feisty, but I was ready to start on the wings. (And by the way, I'm still trying to find those self-threading calyx-eye tapestry needles Fox mentioned.) 

On with a wing.  Well.  I was moving right along, and then attached something wrong.  Then I did the chain so it curved the wrong direction.  And then I attached a ring to the wrong place.  It wasn't going so well.  I started to do more retro-tatting than tatting.  More picking than I care to admit.  The dragon has been renamed several times - "Oops" or "Retro" were becoming more appropriate than a good Zinfandel. 

And then, just when I thought I was on a roll, I realized the chains were going the wrong direction again. 

Aaaarrrgghh.  I only had one glass.  Really.  I believe I shall start this wing over.  And reconsider the name of my dragon.  Any suggestions?


  1. He's beautiful! I like him- sorry about the retro tatting, that's NO fun!

  2. The dragon is looking good! Keep going, you'll get it right.
    How about "Eris" meaning 'strife' in Greek. In Greek mythology Eris was the sister and companion of Ares.

  3. Vineyard Harvest is really a pretty colorway. Your tatted bit in the bottom photo may not be right for a dragon wing, but it sure looks like the start of a great design for an ornament, pendant, or doily center!

  4. Hi there, Bluebird!
    Tell you what. Send me your snail mail addy and I will put a pin in the post as soon as I hear from you.

    I will also send a needle I have been using for finer stuff that I have come to like a lot - a chenille needle, small size (who knew!)
    Fox : )

  5. Honestly, I saw the body on the 25 Motif Challenge blog and thought it was a lovely bracelet! *blushes* Then I read... LOL. It's a gorgeous dragon, too! ;-)

    My name suggest: Pia or Pib. I'm sure you can figure out why... ;-)

    -Stephanie Grace

  6. I like the color of your dragon! :)


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