Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Well-Kept Secret?

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned my frustration with continually breaking needle threaders.  I'm not sure how many I've destroyed, but it was getting frustrating to think I had to keep spare threaders on hand - as if sewing in ends on my tatting wasn't already the worst of tasks.

Fox mentioned using Calyx-eye needles (per a tip from Jane E.) or trying Chenille needles with a longer eye. Well!  I set out to find those calyx-eye needles, and found they have them at JoAnns.  Only they didn't specifically say "calyx-eye", so my oh-so-specific brain was having a bit of a time finding them.  They are simply referred to as "self-threading" needles, and I found them in both the quilting tools and the general sewing tools.

I can tell these will be a definite improvement over using those flimsy needle threaders!  With all the sewing I do, I can't believe I never paid attention and noticed these. 

Just pop that thread into the top of the needle, and ta da!  Ready to sew in those ends.

Is this a well-kept secret, or am I the only one that didn't realize this option existed?  The secret is out on this one now - I had to share my enthusiasm for this alternative to those blasted needle threaders!  The companies that make needle threaders will probably go out of business without me.

Oh, and I found the chenille needles too - on the other side of the store with the embroidery floss.  I believe those long eyes will work well with my bifocals too :)

Great tip - thank you Fox!


  1. Looks brilliant- I can't wait to try one!

  2. I figured if I needled you enough, you would find them! Aren't they grand?
    Fox : )

  3. Maybe I've been looking in the wrong place! Next trip to Kankakee, I'm looking for those needles. Thanks for the pic... now I really know what to look for!

  4. Glad you finally found them! I use the once in awhile, too - I keep loosing them. Now that I have a couple of needle keepers that I use exclusively, maybe it's time I get some more.

  5. Thanks for posting this now. I've been wondering where to find these as well.

  6. I heard of this wonderful new evolution in self-threading needles a long time ago, and have even seen ads for them on TV! I don't know how 'thin' they make them.

    However, I have been happy with my "tapestry" needles (similar to chenniles but with blunter points) that I used back in my cross-stitch days. But it was the discovery back then of the flat metal needle threader (for use with long-eye needles) that took the difficulty out of threading needles for me forever! I used the chenilles for regular sewing and even quilting because of their sharp points.

    Since you now also have chenilles, Below is the URL of the needle threader (from DMC), that is actually 'three in one' which is easy to find in stores in the cross-stitch/embroidery section).
    It consists of a piece of blue plastic with two flat metal hooks and one (dare I say it) wire hook. I removed the wire hook! It's easy to insert the metal hook into the needle, then just drape the thread over the hook and pull through.

  7. I used to use my crochet hook to weave the ends in but I've been using a chenille needle, the shortest skinniest size which still has a big eye. I've used my tapestry needles too. I have some very expensive self threading needles but haven't used them yet. I'm good with the chenille ones. Much cheaper to replace!


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