Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hearts and Shuttles

My teardrop pendant gets better each time!  This is a wonderful learning piece for me - the pattern is fairly simple, but I'm learning about tension.  I seem to pull rings closed nice and tight, but I have trouble keeping the chain tension consistent.  I won't post another picture until I get it the way I want it :)  In the meantime, I've taken a break to tat some other small motifs.

Frivole posted this wonderful diagram of Irene Woo's Butterfly Heart.  I had to try it - such a pretty little heart to have on hand with Valentine's Day coming up.  I think this may lead to more hearts, as I've been digging in my patterns for every heart I can find.  Frivole also posted another wonderful diagram of Susan Fuller's Hearts Desire - a big favorite also.  I am so grateful for diagrammed patterns after looking through all those wonderful old books and having my eyes cross trying to read the patterns!

Here's the Butterfly Heart in both Lizbeth Size 20 Island Breeze & Size 40 Mocha Swirl.  Not bad except for the  final join and hiding of ends.  Sigh.

I really love the colors in that Island Breeze thread.  It just happens to match several pieces of felt I have in my cave.   Hhhhmmmm.

 And something else I've been waiting for from Frivole's Etsy shop . . .

Ta Da!  My new shuttles.  I was jealous of everyone's beautiful shuttles from LaCossette, but now I have some of my own.  My first request was . . .

A BLUEBIRD (what else?!)
He looks quite happy!

And then I saw these gorgeous PANSIES and had to have one also:
I think the pansies will live in this cute shuttle sock (that Teresa was so kind to gift to several of us way back in December) - they match!  Knitting something this tiny is just amazing to me.  It could be a new . . . NO . . .  I don't need any more hobbies.


OK, I will stop admiring my new shuttles sometime today, and start using them :)


  1. Nice heart tatting, and gorgeous shuttles. I've never heard of a shuttle sock! How cute.

  2. Both hearts look awesome!! :) I am not a fan of the color brown, but you have made that mocha swirl color look very sharp and I may consider getting some. :)

  3. Nice job on the hearts. Who would have thought a heart done in brown could look so good? Congratulations on your new shuttle, it will be so fun to tat with them.
    My daughter has learned to knit socks, maybe I should ask her for some shuttle socks.

    (my word verification is 'tatio0 :-) )

  4. I ordered one of the pansy shuttles recently. Love the bluebird one too!

  5. Your hearts and shuttles and lovely. I would never have thought of using brown for a heart, but that one is actually my favorite.

  6. Your hearts are beautiful, and those gorgeous shuttles, if they were mine I would never use them.


  7. beautiful shuttles - not sure if you need to USE them. Pretty just to have them nearby.


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