Monday, January 30, 2012

Shuttles and . . . Doorknobs?

I have too many shuttles with leftover thread on them just waiting to be used.  Sooooo, I've been making hearts to keep ahead of Valentine's Day with whatever thread is on the shuttle(s) I grab.  This is making for some odd colored hearts, but I will certainly have a nice stash to add to Valentines.  I have sort of been on a mission to find and save small heart patterns too.  Wow!  There are so many wonderful patterns out there.

This is the Tatted Heart found HERE.

 I really like this pattern - found HERE.

And this is one from a 1988 Workbasket. Looks a little lopsided!
I like that it looks lacy with all those picots. 
(Too bad I didn't try a little harder to keep the picot size uniform.)

I've been tatting little hearts during my lunch breaks too. 
I think I'm just excited to be AHEAD of the holiday for once :)  Ha.


 Remember those old doorknobs I have ?  Diane was right.  Wine bottle stoppers.  Just something I saw for a ridiculous price and thought "I could make those!"  So, of course, I was on a mission to figure out how to make them.  Hubby and I looked at pictures and visited the hardware stores until we finally got it, and then voila.  Another project for hubby - much to his dismay delight.  He loves it when I come up with new projects.  (Well, projects for me, anyway.)   We have about 15 of these now. I craft in bulk, remember?!


I got these from a very good friend in the mail last week. 
She said they just reminded her of me.   

She knows me well, don't you think?


  1. Lovely, lovely, lovely hearts! I need to empty some shuttles as well... great idea!

    Wine bottle stoppers! Please, give us details on how to do this... Christmas will be here before we know it! ; )

  2. Lovely hearts!

    My Gram had those glass knobs all through her home and I have such warm memories of them. I thought they had magical powers when I was five. Maybe they do!
    Fox : )

  3. Nice hearts. I really should tat some-yours are so pretty. I love the glass doorknobs. I love the sparkle of them--always have. My Nan had dark wood and glass knobs on her doors, and on a jewelery box.

  4. What a lovely idea to use up left over thread, I seem to end up making flowers with mine.
    Beautiful hearts and thanks for sharing the patterns.


  5. I love your hearts! I think I might make some more tatted hearts and give them out as valentines.

    I also love the wine bottle stoppers. I saw some really lovely doorknobs in Pier One that would look terrific on wine bottles (especially if the bottles were half empty!).


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