Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Lace Mat - Round 4

Almost done!  I just have the trefoils left, and the Lace Mat Tat-Along will be complete. 
This is complete through Round 4:
I've been tatting each round separately, avoiding using split rings to move to the next round.  (Which I couldn't have done anyway, the way I've switched colors, but I maybe could have done it getting to the final trefoils.)   It's OK - I don't mind sewing in all those ends when I get to the final round - at this point I just want to get it finished!  Hopefully it will look much more even when it's blocked - it's a bit wonky and wrinkly now, but I really do love how lacy and pretty it is already.
What next?  Maybe snowflakes.  I would never get any cute pumpkins done for Halloween at this point - I tat too slowly!  But, our neighborhood is getting into the Halloween spirit.  This is the greeting you receive on the neighbor's porch: 

 Wanna trick-or-treat in my neighborhood?


  1. It's gorgeous although the colors are even more pleasing in person. What color will you do for the trefoils?

    1. I thought about switching to brown again, but I think it will look better in the cream color. The colors are sort of odd, but I love the combination. It's very hard to capture the true colors in a photo!

  2. The lace mat is looking very earthy and soothing. Nice!

  3. It's a nice combination of colour and well done.
    No I won't be visiting your neighbour, we now have trick or treat in the UK but we don't quite go to those extremes yet, to me we don't bother at all, if any kids do call there will be something to give them but I usually hide away on Halloween upstairs so the house looks like no one is in.

  4. Your lace mat looks very elegant to me!! :)

  5. This mat design is so appealing (your colors are beautiful), and it was almost 'lost to the ages'. Thanks to Jon, it was brought back to life! The trefoils do add to the design, but it also looks 'complete' with round 3. I'd have to do each round separately also.

    You might have time to do the 'apple' pumpkin shown on Frivole's and Fox's recent blogs (from Tatman's 'apple' pattern). I did it, too, and it's a quick tat! Happy Halloween!

  6. Your lace mat is so very elegant. The colours are wonderful - I would choose the cream as well. I even lie it without those end bits...

    I had considered leaving them off when I did my lace mat, but just wanted to complete the pattern as written so I kept them. But I like the pattern without points sticking out better. Just me.
    Fox : )


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