Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Lace Mat - Round 5

I should be done with this by now, but I'm working on those last little trefoils just a few at a time.  And in the evening spare moments before bed.  It's moving right along.

Except maybe I was working on it too late when my eyes were too tired last night.  See the way I attached this one?

Ugh.  I hate it when I do that, but I'm glad these are small little pieces of tatting to cut off.  I think I should probably work on the last few trefoils earlier in the evening.  

Soon.  But not tonite.  The goblins will be out in full force!  

Happy Halloween  :)

Vintage halloween girl-small


  1. Lovely! I imagine those trefoils take quite a bit of patience. I still haven't gotten past round one... soon!

  2. You were tried when you tried to put that one on. I am sure will some rest you will come back to it refreshed.
    Happy Halloween

  3. I'm tatting this too - I had to cut off the whole of Round 2 when a moment's inattention caused the scissors to slip when I was trimming the sewn-in ends!! Awful. I've only just picked it up again.

  4. That's why I had to do them as split rings! Still lovin' those colors!

  5. Your stitches look wonderful... am looking forward to the great reveal!
    Fox : )

    Congrats for learning one of my favourite tricks! You accomplished it brilliantly!


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