Thursday, November 8, 2012

Elementary, My Dear

Even though everyone talks about simply modifying patterns with split rings to move from one round to the next, I have never been able to "see" just how or where to do this easily, and have always just followed the pattern as written.  I guess the mere thought of ME modifying anything was too daunting.

Well, I'm feeling pretty proud of myself with this little snowflake. 

Minaret Snowflake
from Tatted Snowflakes by Vita Sunderman
While just looking for a simple snowflake pattern, I kept thinking "Ugh, for this little thing I have to do two rounds and weave in all those ends?"  For some reason, this particular one just caught my attention and I was able to do that split ring thing quite naturally.  Ta Da!  I know it's easy for most experienced tatters to just "see" it, but I never have.  Maybe I just had to put on my big-girl pants and do it once for it to click.  In any case, I'm quite pleased with myself, and I think I will work on some little snowflakes to put in Christmas cards in between my horrid, boring informative classes on Public Works Budgeting and Finance.  Ish.  That class makes split rings look rather elementary.


  1. Yay! This is wonderful! I'm glad it made sense. Isn't it funny how that will work sometimes?

  2. Congratulations on figuring it out. Now that you have "seen" how to do it, it will get easier each time.
    That is a nice snowflake. I have that book and have tatted quite a few of her patterns.

  3. The snowflake looks very well done. Just need some practice. Glad you are beginning to spot the split ring opportunity. :)

  4. Your snowflake looks lovely, well done on doing the split rings.

  5. Hmmm... my comment disappeared mid-sentence. I hope I'm not repeating myself...

    Good for you! I know exactly what you mean. Unless the directions are spelled out for me, I have a difficult time figuring out how others manage to see where to climb out. Enjoy tatting your snowflakes!

  6. Awesome snowflake. Great job.

  7. Well done! And good result, the snowflake is very pretty.

  8. Lovely snowflake! I am one of those who has a terrible time with ends and I just won't do things that have several rounds because of that. I am sincerely hoping to have time to do some tatting between now and Christmas because I want some snowflakes and small decorations for the tree.

  9. Cindy, you do bring forth a hearty chuckle!

    That is exactly what happened to me when the penny dropped about split rings. Seems if you learn when you NEED too ( necessity being the mother of invention) it all makes so much more sense.

    You will probably find that the split ring is a mighty little friend; you may begin to look for places to utilize them quite naturally! Congrats! Huge success!
    Fox : ))

  10. I love the star shape in the center and the shape of the snowflake in general! ! This has several different techniques, which you successfully accomplished! Very nice!

  11. Congratulations on your 'eye' for seeing where to use a split ring! You did a great job climbing out of the first round with it. Now that you've seen where this technique works it should start being easier. Don't be afraid to try!


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