Thursday, November 29, 2012

"Fake" Tatting?

This big box is full of thread, embroidery floss, old patterns for embroidery, and edgings.  

I love these old wooden spools of thread.  

There are some interesting edgings in there, but this one is an entirely new package of a 'Novelty Braid' that looks kind of like tatting.  Fake tatting!

It makes me wonder if the person that bought it had an intended use for it, or if it was just an irresistible purchase because it's so pretty. What should I do with this?  I feel like it should just be displayed in its original package.  Maybe I should make a shadow box with some of these items that are just fun to look at.

And is this for rug hooking?  I've never done that, but the hooks I've seen for rug hooking are different than this.  Not sure about this doo-dad.  Looks like a typical something in a crafter's collection.

One more piece of lace to share tomorrow, and then I really should get busy getting into the holiday spirit.  It IS almost December!


  1. A nice idea using a shadow box to display them in, I think the rug hook has got bent I have one just like that but it's straight, Just an idea perhaps the person using it, used it so much it bent.

  2. The boxes of "stuff" you received are mini treasure boxes. Such interesting finds!

  3. I have a straight rug hook, but perhaps this bent one is more ergonomic? The 'fake' tatting is interesting.

  4. I really like the idea of a shadow box, I love having old things displayed,and what a way to preserve.


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