Friday, November 2, 2012

The Completed Lace Mat [and Some Junk!]

The Lace Mat

My version of Jon's Tat-along of The Lace Mat is done!  I've attached the trefoils correctly now, and I'm kind of agreeing with Fox that the doily was pretty enough without those little extensions. But, I like the added shape they give, and for the sake of finishing the pattern as written I've included them.  

Thanks so much to Jon for translating the pattern, and running this Tat-along!

I used size 12 Pearl Cotton for my doily.  The colors seem to be very hard to capture in a photo, but are basically taupe and ecru.  As much as I like color, I tend to opt for neutral colors for doilies unless they need to match something special.  (What a fuddy-duddy, huh?)  I think I also like to use a harder, shinier thread for doilies.  The pearl cotton is nice and soft, but I just have to wonder if a stiffer thread like Lizbeth would be nicer for a doily.

Jon has more finished doilies in the gallery showcase HERE.  It's fun to see how the same pattern looks so different in the various colors chosen by everyone - they are all beautiful!

I don't iron my tatting but I do use my Best Press - my favorite stuff to make my tatting hold its shape.  I used to crochet a lot of doilies and used good old liquid starch mixed with water.  Now I like the Best Press better because it doesn't have a residue that flakes off when it dries.  And, it just gives the shape some hold rather than stiffen the work.


I got back to some junking this morning - I just love old stuff.  And I like old stuff repurposed even better.  But I want to do the repurposing myself - I just need to see ideas.  I'm a good copier - not such a good thinker-upper!  Sooo, this market with about 20 vendors was at a local greenhouse.  The vendors involved have little occasional shops in nearby cities/towns.  If you are not familiar with occasional shops, they are small boutique type shops that are only open one weekend a month.  (And then it's a frenzy of shoppers.)  I'm not sure if this is popular in other areas, but it's quite popular in Minnesota.

Anyhoo, I picked up an old frame that has been painted - but of course, I will repaint it the way I want it.  I intend to put some chicken wire behind it, and make a jewelry holder to hang on the wall.  Sounds odd, I know - but I'll post a photo of the finished piece.  The other treasure I found is the drawer part of an old sewing machine case.  It's another piece I will re-paint and put a top on for storage.  Maybe for tatting, maybe for jewelry.  So.  That was my morning adventure today.  Photos to come of the finished pieces, but here's what they look like now:

Anyone know where I can buy some time?


  1. Your lace mat looks really wonderful!! :)

  2. I love your mat, it turned out beautifully! mine became a wip, I need to finish it :)

  3. I think the 'little bits' do add to the finished doily and give it a unique look, although it looks well without them, too! This looks so pretty in those colors, and the tip about Best Press is a good one. I remember when Diane first mentioned it. Have to remember to buy it!

    Lots of luck on finding time, although you'll get an 'extra' hour on Sunday! It's very satisfying to repurpose old things, and it's fun to shop for them!

  4. How long have you used "Best Press"? Does it turn yellow with time? Where did you purchase it? I have been looking for a GOOD stiffener that does not turn yellow with time. Any help will be appreciated .

    1. I've used Best Press for a few years now, and have found no yellowing. I started using it on fabric when quilting, and most quilt shops seem to carry it.

      It doesn't really "stiffen" the work so to speak, it's a very light starch alternative. My mat is still floppy, but it keeps the shape I laid it out in. (Does that make sense?)

      For real stiffening, I used to use an Aleene's stiffener. I have Christmas hearts I crocheted years ago that did not yellow in storage.

  5. Gorgeous mat, I think you could have it with or without the little bits, your colours are lovely and hopefully you will enjoy the mat for many year to come,I was like you I did enjoy tatting the pattern.


  6. I love the two colors you've used for the Lace Mat! I also like to complete a pattern the way it was written the first time around. It does give a great feeling of accomplishment!

    Ever since you introduced me to Best Press, it has been my go-to product for blocking. It is wonderful!

    Occasional shops... love the idea! I'm not sure if there's such a thing around here. I'll have to ask my friend Karri... she's a super shopper! There a little town about 7 miles north of me that holds European Markets in the summer... like a farmer's market, but with craft items included. Something to look into when I retire! ;-)

  7. I think the colours you have picked make this mat looks very regal". I hope you get what I am trying to say. Lovely.

    Thank you for the link to the lace mat gallery. Yours is now in there as well.

  8. Love how the lace mat turned out. Very nice. It's got a calm feel to it. Just lovely.

  9. I agree with Jon, your mat looks very regal, elegant. I've been using Best Press lately when I need a little stiffener, but as I haven't made many larger pieces lately I haven't needed it much.
    I've not heard of 'occasional shops' sounds like fun!
    I'm looking forward to seeing what you're going to do with your "junk". As for time, they say it flies, so maybe you should start looking for a net???

  10. Such pretty work! Love the doily


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