Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Snowflake, A Gift and A Dog :)

Betsy Snowflake

Another snowflake done!  Whoopee - I've finished a whopping 4 flakes this season.  Ha!  I always start too late on holiday tatting.  I really enjoyed this pattern though - Betsy Snowflake by Betsy Evans - an easy, pretty snowflake with split rings to allow finishing in one pass. I do believe I will be able to get a few more of these done - if for nothing else but my own tree.  I love the shape of this one.

I've been puttering with various projects this past week, keeping busy to enjoy this season of giving.  Michelle and her daughter and I were actually able to schedule a Twin Cities Tatters day on Saturday - another chance to sit and relax and tat with coffee.  Jealous yet?  Salted Caramel lattes and mochas.  Now are you jealous?  Tatting snowflakes and chattering away.  It's so nice to take a few minutes to slow down and enjoy some relaxed time with friends during the rush of the season. 

And here's a gift I finished for a dear young lady - I enjoy making things for someone who appreciates them so much. She says she loves them because no one ever made her anything before. (I can't imagine!) I thought this table topper with a burlap center and some coasters (I forgot to add the little ivory bird salt & pepper shakers to the picture) made a cute set.


And, we even remembered this one's birthday is today.  We can't believe Taffy's been with us for 14 years!  She doesn't see much other than shadows, and her selective listening has pretty much become deaf ears, and she runs into our legs and open doors.  Other than that, she's a happy little companion content to sleep by my feet.  Or on them.  In any case, she had a pig ear snack and got a new squeaky toy, both of which she enjoyed much more than posing for this picture!

I do not like this hat I do not like this hat . . . 

And thank you for all the kind comments on my last post. Life is a treasure we forget to embrace during our busy lives sometimes. Be happy and sing Christmas carols - the angels will LOVE it!

P.S.  Is this font too big?

“Tears are the jewels of remembrance, 
sad but glistening with the beauty of the past.”
            From The Courage to Grieve by Judy Tatelbaum


  1. I love the font size!

    The snowflake is glorious!

    We had a wonderful time on Saturday and I can't wait until tomorrow afternoon to give the kids their special treats! I'm taking pictures for you.

    1. I can't wait to see pictures! I suppose the mail you need will arrive tomorrow . . .

  2. That snowflake looks wonderful. I, too, love the shape. I think I'll look that one up and try it.
    The font size is great.
    Happy birthday to Taffy!

    1. The snowflake is a nice one to tat!
      Haha - Taffy says "thank you" :)

  3. I like that table topper, too! Your are very sweet to make her the set.

  4. Sweet Taffy!

    For me, the font is very good!
    Bespectacled Fox B ))

  5. the font's perfect =) And I love the snowflake!

  6. Ooh, that is a beautiful snowflake! The font size looks good to me, and there are many days when I wish I had a furry little companion to keep my feet or lap warm. I can almost taste that salted caramel latte!

  7. Lovely snowflake, gorgeous design, I loved the birthday boys picture and made us laugh, I read it out to my husband, we could relate to him quite easy, when my husband to be first meet my dog she was deaf or rather she had an op to remove one ear, It had selective hearing alright she would sleep on her good ear and not hear anything, you could shout the house down it just would not bother, or she would look at me as if to say I can't hear you mum so what are taking about now. But food oh yes it heard the bowl with food being put down for her and ok mum you have more interesting food than me so can I eat yours first and then I will think about eating mine which by the way was nearly always the same.
    Happy birthday taffy


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