Sunday, December 30, 2012

Oh, the bargains!

They have me sidetracked again.  I was on a roll de-Christmasing the house and rearranging furniture and such, when a trip to the store for clearance throws for the loveseats got me sidetracked again.  In all the great clearance detective work I was doing, I came across this holiday table runner for about $8:

And since we just moved a sofa table, it caught my eye.  Haven't had a new runner in years, and I'm not usually a "seasonal" decorator.  Turns out this runner is a tad too long for its intended spot, so I had the bright idea to cut off the holiday ends, and turn the runner into an every-day piece.  The ends can be seasonal table toppers!  (See how my mind works?)  So . . . I'm thinking I can tat an edging for each end of my every day runner.  But what color?  The current edging is a sort of brown/green color, and my living room is fairly neutral with a little olive green.  I am contemplating these threads, and leaning toward the top brown.  I also have two balls of that color, so I would probably not run out when 75% done!  Actually, looking at this picture makes the green a definite "no". So, brown thread or a lighter beige?

So now for the fun part.  Which edging?  I'm considering one of the bottom two in this picture:

Any thoughts?  I'm thinking the bottom one would take less thread, and probably be quicker for me to finish.  And allow me to get sidetracked onto something else :)  Maybe I can even tat a matching edge for the holiday pieces!  Here we go.

My other project this weekend has been to prepare a "Gratitude Journal".  I had a blank book with an ugly cover, and decided to dress it up a little with some decoupage for a journal I've been wanting to get started.  The New Year is a perfect time to start documenting the things I am thankful for. 

To acknowledge the positives each day won't allow me to dwell on the negatives that I encounter.  Studies show that positive attracts positive.  Have you ever noticed how attitudes are contagious - whether positive OR negative?  I strive to be the positive one, and I truly believe that happiness is a decision we all make every day.  Thus the keys on my book.  The key to happiness is being grateful for all that we have.  

So.  My book will be in my living room, and my goal is to write in it every day.  And my family and friends are invited to write in it as well, whenever they visit.  

And that's just a couple of the things I have planned for the New Year . . .


  1. personally i like the pointier edging...just my personal preference.

  2. I like the top thread and the bottom two edgings... tough choice!

    De-Christmasing already? I know I won't be ready for at least another week!

  3. Bottom edging and a dark brown, says I. I LOVE that journal, you are so clever!

  4. I like the top thread and the bottom edging just looks perfect and like a fun tat! Love the journal (have kept gratitude journals on and off for years) and the idea of inviting others to write in it...that is a terrific idea!

  5. Nice, to get that runner. About the edging, does it look like the repeats will work out to fit the runner? That could be what determines which edging will work the best. The color on my computer seems a bit off, can't offer an opinion on whether those colors will work or not.
    Love the idea of the journal that both you and guests/friends write in! Hope it lasts the year.

    1. I'm glad you are asking about the repeats - because I thought about that this morning, and wondered what's going to happen with this one. I better look at that before I continue . . .


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