Saturday, December 22, 2012

Wine Jelly and Almonds

I really do love that I have the whole weekend before Christmas!  I can clean (sorta) and get the house organized (kinda) and make some things I like to putz with (yeah!) 

The house is quiet while others are out running last minute errands, I'm making some last minute things I just wanted to make.  Not necessary, but you know me.  Gotta squeeze in one more thing . . .

So, the house smells like wine and almonds.  I made Swedish Toast again - one of my favorites that I just have to make.  The recipe is HERE - from last year when I made it.  The wine smell has wafted its way out of the house now, but it did smell somewhat like a bar in here this morning.

We love cream cheese with just about any kind of jelly on crackers, and I've tasted the wine jellies before.  A very good appetizer!  I thought if I tried it with a pretty red wine, it would be a beautiful color, so I bought a bottle of this:

Mixed 2 cups of wine with 3-1/4 cups of sugar, and heated on the stove until the sugar melted.

Then I added one packet of liquid pectin,

Boiled the mixture hard for a minute while stirring, put it into clean canning jars, threw it in the boiling water canner for a 10-minute boiling process, and 


Barely an hour, and I have four pints and one half-pint of pretty red wine jelly. The color is pretty, but I think a white zinfandel or a rose would actually be prettier.  Had I thought ahead a little better, I could have tatted a pretty little top to tie onto the jar with a ribbon. Maybe I have time to do that . . .

Pretty, pretty!

Now I even have time to read the NEXT book I've started - Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern.  Thanks to Isdihara's post HERE, I'm on my second read of the month, completely avoiding the other books on my "to read" list.  I am so easily sidetracked :)

On with enjoying holiday preparations!


  1. I can see you are going to have a great Christmas, I wish you and your family a very happy Christmas.

  2. The swedish toast sounds yummy and the wine jelly looks grand.
    have a wonderful Merry Christmas

  3. Ooh, your wine jelly looks scrumptious! Maybe I should try my hand at making a batch...does the jelly end up tasting like the wine or just sweet like jelly?

    1. You can definitely taste the wine flavor, but it is very sweet jelly. So easy, and is great to bring with cream cheese and crackers to any party :)

  4. I think the color of your wine jelly is beautiful! I may have to try making it sometime... maybe add a tatted snowflake for decoration?

    Merry Christmas!

    1. A tatted snowflake is a great idea! (I think you could outfit several jars, Diane . . . )


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