Sunday, April 7, 2013

Another BAG

I can't help it - I just love bags.  I keep thinking I'll make the perfect one to haul around.  [Ha!]  I bought this pattern so I could make a small bag to carry my important stuff like wallet, keys, etc., and just throw it in a larger bag with my Nook or my tatting or my bag for work. 

It's small - I forgot to put it next to something for size.  It's only about 7 inches tall.  It's the Tag Along Tote - perfect name for what I wanted it for.  I even put a little burlap on it.

I found that it also needed a little zipper pull, so I was experimenting with a tatted spiral chain and a charm.  I wanted to add some tatting somewhere, but the perfect spot for a motif didn't present itself.  I didn't want to force it and make it gaudy - it already has some color that I'm not sure I like.  The zipper pull will have to do for the tatted portion on this one.

Fox was kind enough to share some of her stash of beads with me, so I think I'll tat a motif with beads and THEN sew something to attach it to :)  

Long hours at work ahead for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and then the last of my classes on Thursday and Friday.  Thursday night I am anxious to see Boz Scaggs with my dearest high school friend and concert buddy.  She and I saw about every group possible in the mid-late 70's, and continue to enjoy music together when we can, only now in calmer venues :)   Hopefully spring will arrive in Minnesota sometime during this crazy week - it's taking its sweet old time this year!


  1. What a gorgeous bag! You are so talented!

    And Boz Scaggs!, Lucky you!

  2. Gorgeous bag, Just right for your tatting

  3. I like the quilted look to this cute bag. I don't do enough sewing for this to seem 'easy' . I think it's so clever though. One if these days I'll get my sewing machine out of hiding. The zipper pull and tag are perfect!


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