Saturday, April 13, 2013

How did I get HERE?

And how am I going to get out of this one?  This is Medallion II from  Jan Stawasz Tatted Treasures.  I'm at the very final ring, but I can't quite get my hand in the right spot to attach the ring to the previous ring (never mind that last folder over join!)  I'm not sure how I was supposed to do this part.  And how do I get out of this mess?  Maybe I have to finger-tat the rest?  I am open to lessons here :)

No wonder I get so frustrated at times - everything is going along quite smoothly, and then when I'm ready to finish I don't know what happened!


Ta Da!  The key was walking away for a few minutes.  The lesson here is PATIENCE.  I laid the ring out and looked at how it would connect to the others.  For some reason, something clicked.  Don't ask me how - I can't even explain it.  A few stitches, a join and a look.  Repeat :)  I took a good look before closing the ring - looked good - gritted my teeth and pulled that ring closed.  Whew!  A little blocking and I'm good to stitch this onto my next sewing project.

Medallion II from Jan Stawasz Tatted Treasures
Finca Thread from FOX
A sidenote about the thread.  Finca thread is pretty when tatted up - it's nice and soft and has a little shine to it.  HOWEVER, if you do much UN-tatting [like me], its softness is not a benefit :)


  1. Yikes! I'm sorry! No advice but rest assured I've been there too!

  2. Great tatting! It looks terrific.

    I know exactly what you mean about the thread. Love the look of it, but for a klutzy tatter comme moi, not so wonderful!
    Fox : )

  3. Well done, just those few minutes away worked, lovely pattern and lovely piece of tatting, his book is on my wish list which I hope to get soon

  4. You made me chuckle! I did the same thing the first time I tatted one of Jan's patterns. Taking a deep breath and laying the tatting down sure does help! Great job!

  5. This turned out perfectly! Glad you showed us the 'before' photo. It's a common situation, and good advice to let it sit for a few minutes. The beads look great!


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