Friday, May 31, 2013

DooDad Tatting

I finally got around to tatting something with a doodad .  Thanks to Diane and her double-doodad dare last year, I had been trying to figure out first where to get these doodads, and second, how to attach some tatting.  I admit I was only skimming blog posts about it for lack of time, but I love the filigree findings and the idea of attaching tatting - particularly for jewelry.
Fox included some doodads in a package to me recently, so it renewed my curiosity.  I happened upon some doodads in a unique bead store just by chance, and realized what I found were called 'filigrees' or 'filigree findings' and ARE for making jewelry.  Duh.  I guess I really wasn't paying attention.


I didn't make any jewelry, but I decided to try Jon's pattern "Toshti" found HERE.  (See Dianes' modified version HERE.)  I used size 20 HDT, but I think I should have used size 40 thread with this particular doodad.  I guess it doesn't really matter, as I have no particular use for it in mind.  Yet.  And this pattern seems to work with round or square doodads.

I also picked up some odd shaped filigree findings - diamond- and crescent-shaped, but I don't exactly know how to create something with them.  (Can't take me into a bead shop looking for doodads, I guess - I come out with things I don't need.)  I still need to follow a pattern, and hesitate to even try modifying an existing tatting pattern.  

So I'm a year behind with doodads.  It's fun to try new things - but maybe I should try some goal-setting to pare down my to-do list.  Ha!  Setting goals can be my first goal.


  1. It's never too late to try something new! I like what you've done with the doodad and thread. I think it's a good thing there aren't bead shops close to me. It could be very dangerous!

  2. Lovely piece of tatting with a doodad, In the UK we don't seem to be able to buy them very well, which is just as well as Diana said it could be dangerous.

  3. I agree with Diane - it's never too late! I do like the thread you've used and what you've done with the doodad.

  4. That looks fantastic!!! :)
    It does seem hard to figure out how to begin designing something. Some people were gifted with a "vision" when they look at things, others(like me) just have to attempt and guess. :)
    I still have several doodads and haven't quite figured out what to do with them...yet. :)

  5. Your doodad piece looks very good. Hint for modifying or making your own pattern - use easy to work with thread you don't mind 'wasting' and just try something. If it doesn't work, cut it off and try again. Don't be afraid to find out what doesn't work:-) The next time you might find something that does.

  6. Nice! I like the finding in the middle.


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