Sunday, May 19, 2013

May - Whoa!

May has been an interesting month!  It started out with good news from the cardiologist, and I haven't stopped since.  I finished my classes and started some new ones, got back to some embroidery, learned Nordic Walking, got my sewing machine back after a little tune-up, and started a few wine bottle craft items for a local boutique. And it's only May 19th!  But then again, holy cow, it's already May 19th!

Earlier this month, I had a surprise package in the mail from Fox, suggesting some more NEW creativity.

I was the lucky recipient of my favorite LaCossette shuttles, some doodads, and some other fun things to get the creative juices flowing.  I've been wondering about those doodads and where to find them!  Now I need to get busy and figure out how to tat with them :)

AND . . .
Another new thing I've decided on recently is to offer my tatting pouches and needlekeepers for sale here on my blog.  I've made a few for Michelle and her young tatters (see HERE) and also one for Fox (see HERE).  I will have some ready in the next few days and will post some pictures.


Besides all the craftiness around here, we also spent the day Friday in a historic Minnesota city on the St. Croix River.  We celebrated my brother-in-law's life at his favorite place - the historic Stillwater Public Library.  It was a wonderful toast to his life!


  1. Such wonderful goodies! I'm sure you'll have lots of fun with them!

    I went to Stillwater with my daughters and my mom a couple of years ago. Although we didn't go in the library, we did have a lovely day. The highlight was watching the bridge go up and down!

  2. Lovely goodies, I look forward to seeing what you do with them


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