Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tatting Pouches - New (AND Old?)

I've added a tab at the top of this blog for items I will have for sale.  To start with, I have a few tatting pouches.  I intend to add things to that page based on interest, so check in here and there :)

Since I'm thinking about tatting pouches, I thought I'd share this interesting OLD pouch I have.  This is a pouch I have been wondering about recently, and is very old.  I inherited this from a bunch of old stuff given to my dad, so I am not sure who the original owner was.

Indian Hannah Pouch and beadwork

 The card says "Presented to my grdmother by Indian Hannah, the last one of the Leni-Lenipe tribe of Cheska Co. Penn'a.  Deposited by Mrs. B. Taylor (?) No. IV."  It appears to have been on display at some time, somewhere.  I don't know if it's true that she made it, but I have looked up Indian Hannah and found that she was indeed the last of the Leni Lenape tribe in Chester County, Pennsylvania.  

Records say she lived from 1730-1802, was familiar with the white society, and also went by Hannah Freeman.  There are historical markers in Pennsylvania in her honor.

Hannah Freeman 1730-1802
Everything matches up - the initials and year embroidered underneath the front flap.  I am hoping to get in touch with an appraiser to see if it could be authentic.

Hand stitched

I wonder who Mrs. B. Taylor was?  And I wonder what the pouch was for?  I'm thinking it was for money or papers, but maybe it was the original tatting pouch!


  1. This old one is a real treasure! Fabulous!

  2. that is indeed a treasure. And in very good shape too considering it's age.

  3. A very interesting pouch and considering the age the colours are still so vivid.
    I hope it is genuine


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