Sunday, April 26, 2015

Ms. Sunshine

This is Ruby this morning.  Like every other weekend morning, she follows this spot of sun around the living room to bask in as much of it as she can.  These photos are from my iPad - the best ones are from my camera but I'm too lazy to upload them :)

She has done this since she was quite young, and I am always taking pictures of her when she does it.  It's fun to play with the shadows, and I've gotten some beautiful shots of her.  Unfortunately, photos are on not only on my camera, but my phone and my iPad too.  I've been thinking about creating a PowerPoint show of all the pictures I can find of her enjoying the sun - just haven't done it yet. Soon.

Ruby does get a little annoyed with me and my camera laying on the floor and snapping away. Sometimes she gives me a look that seems to say, "Really?  Must you? Right Now?"

Other times she just turns and looks the other way, bored with the whole session. 

It's a weekend ritual for me to try to get another 'perfect' shot of her as she follows that spot around.  I think I find it funny because she only gets a tiny little piece of the sunshine.  This is what it looks like from my spot on the couch:

And here's the little window that one, small spot of sunshine comes from:

Such goofs, aren't we?


  1. Ruby has my sympathies - I'll be doing that soon, when Winter is here. Luckily my window is larger, but I have to keep moving my chair to stay in the sunshine.

  2. Cindy, your Ruby is Precious !!!
    Had a blast reading this post, your astute comments, and the invaluable expressions of Ruby ! Love the play of light and shadows in your pics - well-taken :-)

  3. Gian sends Ruby heartfelt sympathies... Humans - what're ya gonna do? Pffft...

  4. Lol, I had wondered why the sun spot was so small :)

    My pet rabbit does that too, especially now that he's older. Our windows are very large, but we typically don't have the sun come through until later in the day. He sleeps with his eyes open so it's kind of weird to see him squinting and falling asleep in full sunlight!


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