Thursday, April 16, 2015

WIOSNA 2015 - Round 10

A great round!  Relaxing, easy tat, and a wonderful round to use the variegated thread again.  I am pleased with the way the colors are coming together - I have a tendency to be kinda picky about colors.  I guess we all have very individual and unique opinions on what colors we prefer to use!  I notice this often in quilting as well.

Even though this round was easy, it took about 8 hours.  I do love the variegated threads, but I can see how one has to be careful when using them.  There are times when it throws the shape or balance of the doily off, and I do a double-take thinking I made an error somewhere.  I'm probably just scrutinizing too closely!

The last round is going to take me awhile!  It's a biggie, but it will be beautiful.  I'm thinking pink rings and white chains.  Or should I do solid white to match the inner round?  I may have to experiment a little to see what looks best.  On with the grand finish :)


  1. Oh lovely, lovely, lovely !!!
    The whites bring out such beautiful interesting patterns while the colours add their own flavour :-)

  2. I do like your colour choices in this piece. Very pleasing. Almost done - you go! : )

  3. Great job so far! I know what you mean about the variegated threads. Depending on the pattern you use them in they can either be wonderful or awful. Whichever color(s) you choose for the last round I'm sure it will look wonderful! When you're done you are planning to tell us the total time you put into it, aren't you? You've made me curious.

  4. Love this and the colors you have chosen and very excited to see this next round!

  5. It is beautiful! Pink rings would follow the pattern you have established in previous rounds...but either would work out I am sure.


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