Thursday, August 16, 2018

One Shuttle Medallion

I finally finished a practice medallion from Frivole’s new pattern.  I need to work on the bare thread lengths, but I have the pattern down!

It took me a couple of re-starts and some running out of thread, but now I feel like I can make a “good” piece.  The directions are perfectly clear; it was my haste to complete this one that made the mistakes.  This is the part of tatting that I find so difficult - practicing a small piece over and over again to get the pattern right - I just want to make whatever it is I’m tatting and get it done!

One-Shuttle Medallion

It is so great that Frivole has the know-how and talent to create a pattern by just looking at this fabric.  I would have never even thought of that - I’m just happy to have a pattern to follow most of the time.  I’m no designer!

Here’s a link to Frivole’s blog post with the pattern.  She has added a link to her YouTube video as well to show how the medallion is worked with one shuttle. Her post also shows several medallions joined together - it’s amazing how the medallions take on a square shape when joined together.

I’m looking forward to doing a few more of these!


  1. Your medallion looks great! I've printed the pattern and watched the video. Now I need to take time to sit down and tat!

  2. Wow! It looks marvelous! It's on my list of "must tats". Is that some of your HDT that you used in the doily?

    1. Good eye! Close in color variegation, but it’s size 20 Lizbeth - Latte Foam.

  3. lovely work I am sure the others you make will speed bye quickly I so struggle with the tiny things and then it all goes better :)

  4. Well worth working at it to get it right!


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