Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Quilt Bus Finds

I was finally organizing my quilt bus treasures last night - boy do I have a lot of “plans”!  Just thought I’d share a few of my purchases for planned projects. (And because Diane wanted to see 😉)  Plans that, of course, will probably get put on hold when something else catches my eye.  Ha!

There was an extra cute rug at one shop, so I had to peek at the pattern to see what all it might entail.  Had to get the pattern - I have PLENTY of fabric to try this!

I was also collecting some background fabric for another collage quilt project I hope to work on this winter to hang in my sewing/crafting cave/studio.  Isn’t this a cute collage for a sewing room?

Reds and florals will not be hard to gather from my stash, but I wanted to collect some plain background fabrics of words or newsprint on white/cream.  Hopefully I can put a layout of these together as a base to start adding the bright reds and pinks.  I’m not sure if these are too dark or not - but I won’t know until I start laying everything out.  Maybe I can be creative enough to keep the darker ones to the outside edges.

I was also collecting a specific color of fat quarters for work on the next 30th birthday quilt.  The one that needs to be a secret for a couple of months yet, but here’s the color scheme I was collecting:

The main reason for the quilt shop hop was the Minnesota fabric.  This is designed each year by a Minnesota designer, and is sold beginning the end of July until sold out.  There are no re-orders, so if you don’t get what you want before it sells out, you are out of luck unless it shows up on Etsy or something.  This year’s fabric didn’t intrigue me as much as past years, but I did get a yard of the most popular fabric - it was selling out quickly everywhere.  Each shop also gave out their own quilt block design pattern with a square from the 2018 line.  

I’m pretty sure I can find something to do with those red poppies - love that fabric!

And last, [but certainly not least!] I picked up a small kit of Kaffe Fasset fabric.  He is a fabulous artist known for his use of color in textiles and knitting.  I will be attending his color lecture here in October, and find it difficult to choose from all of his bright, beautiful fabrics.  This kit helps me have the fabric and eliminates the work of putting it together myself!  I’m sure there will be more of this fabric in my future - probably after the lecture.

Between fabric and thread and IDEAS, I’m set for awhile!  


  1. Wow, all these splendid fabrics make me want to sew too!

  2. Oh, my! You've collected some beauties! I love the newsprint fabrics and the Kaffe Fasset kit. I just might have to plan on a longer trip to Minnesota next year so that I can join you! ;-)

  3. I love the tomato pin cushion design- can't wait to see yours! I LOVE the poppy fabric and the bright Kaffe Fasset fabrics. What a great idea to have a kit like yours!


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