Saturday, August 4, 2018

I Need a Vacation from my Vacation!

Wow - what a busy vacation week!  I always try to cram a little too much into my days off.

Monday to Wednesday - TATTING RETREAT!  We sure had a great time, we have found a wonderful place, and already have our reservation for 2019!

This is our magnificent 8 that have attended our first two retreats, and are signed up for the 3rd Annual retreat in 2019:

Frivole was wonderful to create our special commemorative shuttle again this year.  
These are my absolute favorite shuttles to work with.  Isn’t this lovely?  The Minnesota State Flower (the Pink Ladyslipper) is on the front, and our retreat dates along with the modified Quatrain on the back side.  What shall we do for our 2019 shuttle?

The retreat “house” is beautiful with a nice entry to greet us.  It was a little warm to sit outside, but there is a great area to sit, have a bonfire and even have a short hike.  

We even took a little side trip to a local winery - a beautiful day to enjoy some hors d’oeuvres and wine on the vineyard patio!

On Wednesday, I had a funeral to attend, and then made my way home.  Boy, was I tired!  So much inspiration in two-and-a-half short days, and then reliving memories was exhausting. 

Thursday I attended a baby shower for a coworker, and then in the evening I attended a GED graduation commencement ceremony.  My daughter is an Adult Basic Education instructor, and this was her first commencement ceremony with students that she has been working with.  To see them succeed in this one goal was wonderful, and to hear their anticipation for the future was undeniably gratifying. Most graduates were in their young 20’s, but one special graduate was 87 years old.  She had about 70 family members there to celebrate her accomplishment - something she had a passion to achieve.  The circumstances of these graduates, no matter their story, made it all worth attending.  I didn’t know one of them, but I was moved to see their proud event.  Even more proud to see their interaction and thanks to my daughter for helping them with this achievement!

On Friday, I went on an all day Quilt Shop Hop.  And I’m talking ALL DAY.  6:45 am to 7:00 pm.  Exhausting!  But so fun.  I chose to go alone on the bus this year, but you’re never really alone with fellow quilters. We visited 8 quilt shops during the 2018 “Quilt Minnesota” event.  The special fabric created by a Minnesota designer is featured, and I usually try to get some each year.  Because it is limited, it is a rush to get some!  But ALL. DAY. LONG. on a bus is tiring.  At the last shop, we were treated to a glass of wine.  

A great week in tatting AND in quilting!


  1. It was amazing and beautifully organized! Love your photos!

  2. How wonderful, you’ll need time to process it all.

  3. Wow! You were busy! A lot of good memories to reminisce about later

  4. SUCH fun! (except for the funeral) I bet the long day on the quilt bus was just as tiring as the wonderfully executed tatting retreat!

    Be well,

    1. Yes it was - I was exhausted by Friday night! But what a great week!

  5. I would love to go on that quilt shop bus! I'll have to check and see if anyone in Illinois does something similar. I'm not sure I could handle all day on a bus along with 9 hours of travel each direction! I hope you'll show some pictures of your purchases! Any Kaffe Fassett?

    1. It’s a fun bus trip, but long, for sure. I did get a Kaffe Fasset kit!


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